Honors Program

Mission Statement

The Rio Grande Honors Program engages gifted students through a specialized curriculum, Honors seminars, and a capstone project that challenges all perceptions to achieve maximum potential. The academic excellence embodied by the Rio Grande faculty combined with the core value system of the surrounding Appalachian culture fosters socially responsible, culturally diverse leaders dedicated to confronting global change.

The Honors Program is not a degree-granting program. It is, however, an academic program that can be taken in conjunction with a student’s major curriculum. Students who successfully complete the Honors curriculum in addition to their program curriculum will graduate with the designation of “Honors” on their transcript. The complete Honors Program is a baccalaureate program, but eligible associate degree students are welcome to participate in the seminars and take the Honors general education curriculum as their academic program allows.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Rio Grande Honors Program, students will:

  • Demonstrate a strong knowledge of written communication skills.
  • Develop effective and persuasive oral communication skills.
  • Analyze and synthesize information from a diverse range of sources.
  • Solve problems through the scientific method using proper research skills.
  • Creatively express themselves through original work.
  • Think critically and approach issues through a logical manner.
Honors Program General Education Requirements

Communications Skills

Health and Physical Education

Liberal Arts

Arts/Humanities Required Courses

Social Science Required Courses

Math and Natural Science Required Courses

* Students must take at least 36 general education hours to graduate.
** Students must take any general education courses required for their major in addition to the Honors general education sequence.
*** The only Honors general education courses that are included in the Ohio Transfer Module are MTH 14505: Precalculus and MTH 15105: Calculus I.
**** A student’s required computer skills should be addressed throughout the student’s curriculum.

Additional Honors Program Requirements

Program Acceptance Requirements

First-semester Rio students seeking admission into the Honors Program must meet two of the following criteria:

  • Upper 10 percent of high school graduating class,
  • 3.5 high school GPA, and
  • ACT composite score of 25.

Currently enrolled Rio students seeking admission must meet the following criteria:

  • 3.25 minimum GPA after completing at least 8 credit hours

Honors students can apply up to two non-Honors classes – no more than four credits per class – to their Honors general education curriculum. These courses can be from Rio Grande or transferred in from a different institution. (Transfer credits must be approved by Rio Grande’s Registrar’s Office before they can be applied to a student’s curriculum.)

Honors students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.25 at all times. Students whose GPA falls below a 3.25 are automatically placed on probation but have until the following semester, not including Summer term, to raise their GPA to at least a 3.25.