Pike Center


Welcome to the Rio Grande Community College's Pike Center—a local hub for accessible and affordable higher education, right in the heart of your community. Our commitment is to provide diverse programs and short-term training opportunities, all conveniently located close to home. With flexible scheduling, offering both day and evening classes, we empower students to tailor their education to their unique needs.

Facilities Designed for Success

Discover a conducive learning environment at the Pike Center, featuring:

  • Five traditional classrooms
  • A fully equipped science lab
  • Administrative offices
  • Conference room

This well-equipped facility is designed to support students in completing general education courses while contemplating their next steps in the educational journey.

Programs to Elevate Your Future

Enroll today for:

  • General Education Courses: Take your foundational courses close to home at an affordable rate.
  • Social Services Degree: Begin your journey towards a degree in Social Work with our Associate in Social Services program.
  • College Credit Plus (CCP): Explore Ohio's CCP Program for high school students (grades 7-12), where you can earn both college and high school credits simultaneously. All tuition, books, and course fees are covered at no charge. Learn more about CCP!
  • Stay tuned for more programs and offerings coming soon!

Financial Aid

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