Honors Program

Rio's Honors Program engages you in a dynamic and creative learning experience.  You will grow your academic career with an opportunity to enhance your communication skills and develop critical thinking. 

The Honors Program is not a degree-granting program.  It is, however, an academic program that can be taken in conjunction with a student’s major curriculum. Students who successfully complete the Honors curriculum in addition to their program curriculum will graduate with the designation of “Honors” on their transcript. The complete Honors Program is a baccalaureate program, but eligible associate degree students are welcome to participate in the seminars and take the Honors general education curriculum as their academic program allows.


Program Acceptance Requirements

First-semester Rio students seeking admission into the Honors Program must meet two of the following criteria:

Upper 10 percent of high school graduating class,

  • 3.5 high school GPA, and
  • ACT composite score of 25.

Currently enrolled Rio students seeking admission must meet the following criteria:

  • 3.25 minimum GPA after completing at least 8 credit hours

Honors students can apply up to two non-Honors classes – no more than four credits per class – to their Honors general education curriculum. These courses can be from Rio Grande or transferred in from a different institution. (Transfer credits must be approved by Rio Grande’s Registrar’s Office before they can be applied to a student’s curriculum.)

Honors students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.25 at all times. Students whose GPA falls below a 3.25 are automatically placed on probation but have until the following semester, not including Summer term, to raise their GPA to at least a 3.25.

Dr. Kay Anne Darlington

Honors Director

For more information contact Dr. Kay-Anne Darlington.

Kay-Anne Darlington

  • Associate Professor of Communication
  • Director of Honors Program