Greer Museum

The Esther Allen Greer Museum houses a 3,000 square foot exhibition space, museum prep-room for framing and preparing artwork for display,multi-purpose classrooms and the University Archives.Among the museum’s holdings are numerous prints,drawings, paintings and sculpture comprising the Brooks Jones Endowment Collection.

Greer Museum

Alumni Gather For Art Show

A large group of former students and professors recently gathered for the Art Alumni Reception held at the Greer Museum on Nov. 26. Those in attendance also included current professors James Allen and Kevin Lyles. The show was open to any art alumni to showcase his/her work. A total of 38 pieces were on display from Nov. 15 to December 5. Those with pieces in the show included: Janet Martin ’08; Keri Lawrence ’18; Erin Beach ’13; Bryan Minear ’09; Brad Painter ’05; Natalie Miller ’10; Gabe Richmann ’18; Sam Taylor ’16; Joseph Hamilton ’18; Dustin Beach ’11; Jennifer Blake ’13; Brian Horton ’95; Chris Wood ’96; Jon Simmons ’15; Jerry L. Waters ’14; Barb Abels ’17; Emma Lyles ’18; James Hamilton ’12; Dave Snyder; Kristin Beattie ’03; Charles Maxum ’12; Angela Petrie ’96; Emalea Rupe ’16; and Joy Duffy ’08.

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Permanent Collection

The Esther Allen Greer Museum houses a permanent exhibit of the collection from the Brooks Jones Estate.  This exhibit is on the second floor gallery of the Greer Museum.  This collection includes works by such historical artists as Francisco Goya and Pierre-Auguste Renoir and more contemporaries such as Jasper Johns.   Brooks was one of the most active benefactors to the University of Rio Grande over the past twenty-five years. 

The gallery is open from 1:00 – 5:00 pm on Tuesday through Friday only on the days that an exhibit is scheduled.  The permanent exhibit on the second floor is only open when arrangements are made though the Fine Arts Department by calling (740) 245-7364.


Greer Museum

Hours: 1-5 pm Tuesday through Friday during exhibitions, or by appointment
Closed between exhibitions


Greer Museum

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