Residential Life

Residential life provides a unique opportunity for personal growth and development, new friendships, and great experiences.

Resident Life provides many benefits during your time at Rio. We provide you with a safe and secure location that not only promotes community and engagement but fosters individuality and independence. Statistics also show that living on campus will better your academic success. This is an opportunity for personal growth while forging lifetime friendships.

Resident Assistants (RA) live within the dorms and are available 24 hours a day. Like Student Success Coaches, RA's are here to help you achieve your goals during your time at Rio. Should conflicts arise, they are also trained in resolution.

Our Total Living Plan price includes convenient campus dining and a standard double occupancy room. Utilities like cable, electric, and internet are also included. There is also the security of no financial impact should your roommate leave mid-year.

Residency Requirements

All students under the age of 23 living outside of 50 miles are required to live on campus for the first four semesters. All requests for exceptions and questions concerning residency requirements should be directed to the Director of Residence Life.

Residency requirements shall mirror those set by the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College regarding tuition structures. The following persons shall be classified as exempt from on-campus residency requirements:

  1. A dependent student, at least one of whose parents or legal guardians has been a resident within 50 miles of Rio Grande for all other legal purposes for twelve consecutive months or more immediately preceding the enrollment of such student in the University.
  2.  A person who has been a resident within 50 miles of Rio Grande for the purpose of this rule for at least twelve consecutive months immediately preceding their enrollment and who is not receiving, and has not directly or indirectly received in the preceding twelve months, financial support from persons or entities who are not residents within 50 miles of Rio Grande.
  3. A person who is married.
  4. A person with custody of a child.
  5. A person who is not enrolled in any in-person courses.
  6.  A person who transfers in at least 64 credit hours from a previous institution.


Exception Process
A student wishing to file an exception to the residency requirements may do so by downloading the Commuter Exemption Form. Completed forms, along with any relevant documentation, should be sent to the Director of Residence Life. 

Resident Halls

Boyd Hall

Boyd Hall

Boyd houses freshman male students. A total of 75 double occupancy rooms for a capacity of 150 students.

Davis Hall

Davis Hall

Davis Hall houses all first-year female students; each of the 67 rooms in Davis house students in standard double or (limited) single rooms and has a total capacity of 116. Students have ample room and a generous closet and dresser area. Davis also features a large updated lobby and separate study area.

Holzer Hall

Holzer Hall

Holzer Hall consists of 30 quad-style rooms, each housing four students, as well as five traditional double rooms, each housing two students. Holzer is co-ed and houses a mix of first-year and returning students.

Wellness Hall Dormitory
Upper Classman


With a total of 71 rooms, Wellness is a co-educational, upper-class hall with a capacity of 121. Room availability consists of singles, doubles, and two to three-person suites with a common living area.


Let us help you navigate the Resident Life process. Email us with questions or concerns.



Residence hall room furnishings include a bed, mattress, dresser, mirror, lighting, closet, desk, and chair and drapes.  All halls include air-conditioning, high-speed Wi-Fi access, and free laundry. A refrigerator and microwave are provided in single and super single rooms.

Room furnishings that are not secured may be arranged to individual taste, but may not be removed from the room. Your room must be returned to its original state before checking out. Students will be billed for any damages incurred, including damage to furnishings, walls, doors, ceilings, etc.

Health Services, located in the Rhodes Student Center, provides health care to students from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Each residence hall has a staff of Resident Assistants (RAs) that are full-time students selected and trained to assist residents. RAs are a resource that will be available for individual student needs, programming, and information. Each residence hall also has a Head Resident Assistant who is responsible for the overall management of the building and is the direct supervisor for the RAs.

Room changes are permitted but recommended after two weeks of the first term to allow for adjustment. Room and roommate changes need to be approved by the SLC. If at any time you encounter roommate problems, contact a member of your hall’s housing staff.

During vacation periods, residence halls are closed to students. A student unable to leave campus may request to remain on campus through breaks via an approval process. Dining services do not operate during scheduled campus closures.

Although Rio Grande does not have a serious theft problem, you are encouraged to exercise good common sense and take preventative measures. You should lock your door at all times and never leave cash or valuables in the open. Each residential student is encouraged to obtain personal property insurance on all items of value. Rio Grande will not replace lost or stolen property.

If a theft does occur, please notify a member of your housing staff and/or Campus Police immediately.

All campus buildings are well within walking distance; however, if you wish you may bring a car, motorcycle or bicycle. All motorized vehicles must be registered with the University and you must purchase a parking permit. There are several bicycle racks around campus and bicycles may be stored in a resident’s room.

24-hour courtesy hours exist in all residence halls; however, quiet hours (study hours) run as follows:

Sunday through Thursday 10om – 8am
Friday and Saturday 12am – 10am

All students are able to establish a box in the Campus Post Office located in Rhodes Student Center. Your address will be:

Your Name
MSC Box_________, University of Rio Grande
Rio Grande, Ohio 45674

Pets other than goldfish and other small, tropical fish are forbidden in rooms and common areas of the residence halls. Some small reptiles are allowed by permission of the Director of Residence Life. If you have an Emotional Support Animal, contact the Office of Accessibility to discuss the process for approval. 

Parents should then contact the Office of Student Affairs at 740-245-7350 during normal business hours or Campus Police after hours at 740-245-7286.

Hair dryer
Curling iron
Small Microwave*
Small Refrigerator*
*Microwave/Refrigerator will be provided in all: Single and Super Single rooms

Sheets (XL twin)
Wash cloths
Mattress pad
Other Items
Laundry supplies (high efficiency)
Cleaning supplies
Dishes for snacks
Small sewing kit
Outlet strip
Lounge Chair
Area rugs
Waste basket
Trash bags
Desk Lamp
Personal Items
Cologne, perfume
Shaving lotion
Shaving cream
Cotton balls
Cotton swabs
Hand lotion
Shower bucket
Shower shoes
School Supplies
Rubber bands
Tacks, pins
Scotch tape
Notebook, folders
Tablets, paper
Pens, pencils
Memo board