Pet Rules and Regulations

1. Pets are only permitted for students living in Wellness Hall.

2. Allowable pets – Cats and dogs under 40 pounds. Fish aquariums 10 gallons and smaller are allowed in all locations.

3. Each room may only have one pet, not one pet per person. First come, first serve (meaning first to submit pet registration information)

4. Age of animals – At least one-year-old and have lived with the student for at least 10 months.

5. Animals must be on a leash at all times outside of the room except when in the pet park.

6. Certification of all appropriate vaccinations must be presented when registering.

7. Animals must be spayed or neutered and vet certification is required.

8. Pet registration fee - $200.00 for the academic year. This fee must be paid in full when the pet registration is submitted. This will not be applied to the student’s bill. This is a non-refundable fee, any fees charged for damage in addition to the registration fee.

9. Pets may not exhibit any aggressive behavior.

All pets must be approved prior to residing on campus. Failure to register the animal prior to bringing the pet to campus will result in an immediate $150.00 fine and loss of pet privilege for the remainder of the academic year. The acquisition of a dog or cat purchased, fostered, adopted, or strayed while a residential student at Rio is prohibited.

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The Office of Student Affairs will begin taking applications on Monday, April 22. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with the first completed application in a housing assignment being granted permission.

In order to be approved, you must follow the steps outlined below.

1. Have a confirmed housing placement in Wellness Hall.

2. Submit all required application materials, as listed in the policy:

a. A signed Student Agreement
b. A completed Pet Registration Form
c. Veterinarian documentation, including
i. Up-to-date shot records and all recommended vaccines
ii. Proof that the animal is spayed/neutered
iii. A letter from the veterinarian that the animal has been housed with the student/family for at least 10 months
d. Identification photos - at least 4 head with body shot photos with a plain background, preferably laying down or standing with head turned toward camera
e. A signed Roommate Agreement (if applicable)

3. Payment of the $200 pet registration fee

If you have any questions regarding the pet policy, feel free to reach out to the office of Student Affairs.