Industrial Technology

Mission Statement

The objective of the Industrial Technology program is to produce a graduate with skills and knowledge needed for technical management positions in industry. Courses in Industrial Technology supplement the student’s associate degree by additional coursework in subjects not previously studied and/or more advanced courses. Industrial Technology (IND) is a 2+2 program that provides the second two years of education leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology (BSIT). Prior to entering the program, students must have completed an Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Technical Studies degree in an Engineering Technology field from a regionally accredited university, college, community college, or technical college. Industrial Technology is a comprehensive major requiring at least thirty- three (33) credit hours of 30000/40000 level coursework, a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours of Industrial Technology technical electives, and a minimum of 124 credit hours total.

BSIT graduates have found employment in industries as Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineering Technicians, Production Engineering Technicians, and Engineering Managers.

The student will be preparing to take the Certified Manufacturing Technologist Examination given by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Learning Outcomes

The successful student will:

  • have a working knowledge of business practices in industry.
  • convey good people and communication skills.
  • demonstrate knowledge of common practices of employer and employee relationships.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Must have an approved Associate degree that can count towards the first two years of the BSIT.
  • 2.0 accumulative GPA in Associates Degree

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science – Industrial Technology (5040)

General Education must include:
Select one of the following three courses
CHM 10404 (TM) Principles of Chemistry
NSC 22304 (TM) Environmental Science
BIO 11404 (TM) Principles of Biology
Total General Education hours39-40
Major Area required courses
ACC 10503 General Accounting Fundamentals3
BM 20403 Principles of Management3
BM or MKT courses at the 30000/40000 level6
ECO 11403 Introduction to Microeconomics3
IND 35202 Preventive Maintenance Planning and Scheduling2
IND 37102 Occupational Safety and Health2
IND 45403 Certification Seminar3
PHY 17505 General Physics I with Algebra5
PHY 32303 Statics and Strengths3
Total Major Area hours31
Selected IND electives (minimum 24)24 or more*
Total required hours for degree124

*Depending on the number of hours in the Associates degree.

NOTE: A minimum of twenty-four (24) of IND technical electives are required. Courses used for securing the Associate’s Degree cannot be used again for the BSIT.

Industrial Technology – Technical Electives

IND 30003 How the Internet Works3
IND 30104 Basic Electricity/Electronics4
IND 30303 Microcomputer Hardware3
IND 31102 Blueprint Reading for Industry2
IND 31103 Programmable Controllers I3
IND 31603 Schematic Diagram Reading3
IND 31303 Introduction to Networking3
IND 31503 Basic Welding3
IND 32102 Introductory CNC2
IND 38202 Machine Repair and Maintenance2
IND 32203 Basic Pipe Welding3
IND 32303 Local Area Networks3
IND 33103 Advanced Pipe Welding3
IND 34103 Materials and Metallurgy3
IND 34303 TCP/IP3
IND 35003 Industrial Controls3
IND 35202 Preventive Maintenance Planning and Scheduling2
IND 36102 Hydraulics & Pneumatics2
IND 36103 Weld Test & Inspection3
IND 36202 Mechanical Troubleshooting2
IND 37102 Occupational Safety and Health2
IND 38202 Machine Repair and Maintenance2
IND 40103 Advanced Welding3
IND 41203 Programmable Controllers II3
IND 41303 Computer Network Security3
IND 42202 Advanced CNC2
IND 43303 Wireless Computer Networks3
IND 44202 Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair2
IND 44303 Network Design3
IND 45403 Certification Seminar3
IND 46102 Advanced Hydraulics & Pneumatics2
IND 47003 Robotics3
IND 48801-05 Selected Topics in Industrial Technology1-5
IND 49001-04 Cooperative Education Experience1-4