Industrial Automation and Maintenance

Mission Statement

The Industrial Automation and Maintenance degree shall produce graduates who are immediately employable into entry-level technical positions in a wide variety of industrial, manufacturing, power generation, and production support jobs.

The Industrial Automation and Maintenance program is a two-year technical program leading to an Associate of Technical Studies Degree in Industrial Automation and Maintenance.

Studies in the Industrial Automation and Maintenance focus on the installation, repair, and maintenance of the electronic equipment used to control manufacturing and power generation processes. Programmable controllers, industrial controls, and robotic systems integration are emphasized. The solid foundation of coursework and hands-on training in the laboratories will allow the graduate technician to quickly become a productive and promotable employee.

Degrees Offered

Learning Outcomes

The successful student will:

  • have a working knowledge of AC and DC circuits.
  • be familiar with basic electrical test equipment such as multi-meters, oscilloscopes, power supplies and meggers
  • be familiar with electrical safety practices and arc flash hazard protection.
  • be able to test common industrial electrical components using manufacturers test procedures and basic electrical test equipment.
  • be capable of troubleshooting common industrial control circuits.
  • be capable of troubleshooting programmable logic control circuits.
  • be familiar with closed loop feedback process control systems and related electrical components.
  • begin preparation for the Certified Electronics Technician examination (CET).
  • demonstrate the habit of practicing safety rules and regulations, including lock/out-tag/out, on a continuous basis.
  • read and interpret control circuit ladder diagrams.  


Two electronics labs located in Davis Career Center are utilized for most of the electronics courses. The labs have good quality bench electronics test equipment, internet access, basic hand tools, personal safety gear, programmable controllers, and various robots.

The Industrial Automation and Maintenance labs in the E.E. Davis Career Center is equipped with work stations constructed with standard industrial electrical and hydraulic components. These work stations allow students to construct and troubleshoot the actual type of electrical circuits used in industry.

Degree Requirements

Associate of Technical Studies –Industrial Automation and Maintenance (94217)

General Education must include:
COM 11103 (TM) Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
ENG 11103 (TM) Composition I3
ENG 21403 Business and Technical Writing3
HIS Any 3-Hour History Course3
IT 10103 Introduction to Information Technology3
LA 10001 Gateway to Success1
TEC 11704 Applied Technical Mathematics I*4
TEC 11804 Applied Technical Mathematics II4
PSY 11103 (TM) General Psychology3
HPE 24302 Safety & First Aid2
Total General Education hours29
Total General Education hours42-45
Major Area required courses
ELE 10103 Basic Electricity/Electronics3
ELE 21103 Programmable Controllers I3
ELE 21203 Programmable Controllers II3
ELE 25003 Industrial Controls3
ELE 27003 Robotics3
MFG 11102 Blueprint Reading for Industry2
MFG 14103 Schematic Diagram Reading3
MFG 16102 Hydraulics and Pneumatics2
MFG 24302 Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair2
MFG 25103 Power Transmission Devices3
MFG 25302 Preventive Maintenance Planning& Scheduling2
MFG 25403 Mechanical Skills3
MFG 26102 Advanced Hydraulics and Pneumatics2
MFG 27102 Occupational Safety and Health2
Total Major Area hours36
Total required hours for degree65

* Placement determined by testing.

NOTE: This degree is a direct pathway to the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) degree.

Additional Academic Requirements

Graduation requires students to achieve a 2.00 overall grade point average in all Electronics courses and a 2.00 overall grade point average in all coursework in order to receive an associate’s degree.