Rio Grande’s Pike Center Names New Site Director

Tracy Rice, a local advocate for youth education and community development, is set to lead the newly established Rio Grande Pike Center as its Director. With a career deeply rooted in enhancing educational opportunities for local youth, Rice brings a wealth of experience and passion to the role.

Throughout her career, Rice has dedicated herself to fostering growth and opportunities for young people. Her journey includes serving as the coordinator of an Educational Opportunity Center, working in child welfare, and teaching as an adjunct professor. These roles have all been driven by a singular mission: to uplift and educate her community.

“I want students to have more options locally,” Rice emphasized. “The center is not only a place to learn, but also a place that students can come and be their authentic selves.”

Set to welcome its first cohort of students this fall, Rio’s Pike Center is designed to bring accessible and affordable higher education to Pike County. The center will offer general education courses, an Associate’s degree in Social Services, a College Credit Plus program for high school students seeking college credits, with even more options to come.

“Students have the flexibility to complete general education courses while deciding the next steps in their educational journey,” Rice added. “I want to help students understand their options and make the right decisions for their future.”

Rice's vision extends beyond education; she sees the Rio Grande Pike Center as a catalyst for economic growth in Pike and the surrounding counties. By nurturing a well-educated workforce, Rice believes the community can achieve greater stability and prosperity.

“Having a quality, local education opportunity for students will open doors for them that they may not have otherwise known. My goal is to not only help them open the door, but to allow them to walk through it with confidence.”

Under Rice’s leadership, the Rio Grande Pike Center is poised to become a transformative educational hub, providing invaluable opportunities for Pike County and contributing to the region’s long-term growth and success.

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