Nursing Achievement Data

Associate of Applied Science, Nursing Technology Achievement Data

2023 RN NCLEX National Pass rate =88.56%

2023 RN NCLEX Ohio Pass rate = 86.73%

2023 RN NCLEX University of Rio Grande Pass Rate 84.4%, which met the 95% of the national average and requirement.

End-of-Program Student Learning Outcome:  The program demonstrates evidence of students’ achievement of each end-of-program student learning outcome.

NCLEX-RN Pass Rates: Each calendar year, the total ADN program graduates most recent annual licensure pass rate will be at least 80% for all first-time test takers during the 12-month period.

Year Rio NCLEX-RN  Average Ohio NCLEX-RN Average National NCLEX-RN Average
2023 84.4% 86.73% 88.56%
2022 55.93% 75.83% 79.9%
2021 54% 79.07% 82.48%








Program Completion Rates: 60% of all students who begin in the first nursing course of the program will complete the program within the required academic terms which is 150%  time-frame for all options of the  ADN program. 

Year Completion Rate
2023 91%
2022 56.6%
2021 70%

Employment Rates: 80% of all ADN program graduates will report employment as a RN within nine (9) months of graduation.

Year Employment Rate
2023 81.82%
2022 93.7%
2021 90%