Financial Aid

Forms Use Contact
FAFSA Signature Request
Correcting FAFSA form without a student
and/or parent signature
Bankruptcy Resolution
To be completed by student with an active
bankruptcy to be eligible to receive financial aid
Dependency Appeal
Change from dependent to independent
status due to unusual circumstances
Dependent Child Form
Completed when Financial Aid Office requests verification of student's dependent children reported in FAFSA
Direct Loan Reduction/Cancellation
Requesting Financial Aid Office to cancel or reduce the loan amount the student previously approved
Consortium Agreement
Allows Rio student to receive financial aid while taking courses from another institution
Homeless Youth Verification
Completed when a student answers "yes" to Student Homeless question on the FAFSA
Marital Status Verification - Parent
Parent must complete when Financial Aid Office requests verification marital status
Marital Status Verification - Student
Student must complete when Financial Aid Office requests verification of marital status

Maximum Timeframe Appeal

2023/24 Maximum Timeline Appeal

Allows student to appeal a Maximum Time Frame Suspension to be eligible for financial aid


Office of the Registrar


Form Use
Official Withdraw Withdraw from all classes for a semester
FERPA /Student Information Release Authorization Grant permission to a third party such as a parent to access your information
Grade Forgiveness Request  Request past failing grades not count in GPA (must meet criteria in the policy)
Major Declaration Change Major
Registration Form Register for Classes
Change of Name/Address Change of personal information
Drop/Add Form Make a change to your class schedule
Replacement Diploma Request Request a copy of Rio diploma
Incomplete Grade Request Request an incomplete grade from an instructor
Degree Audit Form Request to see progress toward degree completion


Business Office

Form Use Contact
Credit Card Form    
Student Installment Payment Plan    


Form Use Contact
Certificate Application    
Associate Degree Application    
Bachelor Degree Application    
Graduate Degree    
Order Cap & Gown    


Student Affairs

Academic Student Complaint Form
Non-Academic Student Complaint Form
Housing Application-Renewal
Medical History Form