Student Government

Student Government represents the student body in a variety of different roles. The governing body oversees campus events and activities, programs, policies, and initiatives around the school. 

Student Government 

Student Senate works to assure proper representation is given to all students at Rio Grande. We are welcoming everyone to come and share ideas or concerns you have to make Rio better. Our student senate is made up of representatives from different groups and academic areas, which allows you to learn and meet new people. Senate meets regularly during the academic year to share your thoughts.

Advisor: Seth Lawrence 
President: Ashleigh Miller-Weaver

All Greek Council is the governing body of social Greek organizations at Rio Grande. AGC sponsors and encourages activities and functions that promote the intellectual, cultural and social development of individual fraternity and sorority members as expressed in the goals of the University of Rio Grande, which leads to the strengthening and improvement of the member organizations. 

Advisor: Jess Youse
President: Darcy Williams