The Chaplaincy Program extends ministry to all students, staff, faculty, and administration for the purpose of facilitating the personal unfolding of individuals. 


Community Organizations

Reach Out on Campus
Description: Reach Out on Campus is a community of people who seek to glorify Jesus Christ. We desire to put a spotlight on Jesus through our words and actions in the Rio Grande community. ROC meets every Monday at 6pm in Bob Evans Farms Hall 111 – all are welcome to join.
Advisor: Noelle Mash noellemash@gmail.com 

Description: SEARCH stands for Seeking Every Answer and Response Christ Has. The group conducts weekly, non-denominational campus-wide Bible studies every Wednesday in Bob Evans Farms Hall 118 starting at 7:30pm. SEARCH also plans numerous activities throughout the year and are open to all. 
Advisor: Dave Perry dg.perry55@gmail.com