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The University of Rio Grande has four active Greek organizations that focus on community service, friendship, and leadership. All Greek organizations are governed by the All-Greek Council. All Greek Council is the governing body of social Greek organizations at Rio Grande. AGC sponsors and encourages activities and functions that promote the intellectual, cultural, and social development of individual fraternity and sorority members as expressed in the goals of the University of Rio Grande, which leads to the strengthening and improvement of the member organizations.


Alpha Chi Nu (Archon)

The purpose of the Fraternal Order of Archon shall be to foster and maintain a fraternal spirit among its members, to encourage scholastic achievement, and to inculcate those principles of truth, justice, chivalry, and culture that contribute to the development of upstanding character. Membership is invitation-only and is open to all male students of the University of Rio Grande.
Advisor: David Brodeur 
President: Ethan Pannell


Tau Kappa Epsilon

Pictured is the TKE fraternity

The Rho-Pi Expansion of Tau Kappa Epsilon at the University of Rio Grande was installed as a chapter on November 20, 1987. Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank, or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character. Our mission is "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.
Advisor: Nicholas Rawls
President: Zach Nagel


Alpha Mu Beta

Pictured is AMB Sorority

create a meaningful and long-lasting union among its members, stimulate all forms of scholastic achievement and cultivate an appreciation of the higher social and moral values in life. Membership is invitation-only and open to all female members of the University of Rio Grande. Members are strongly encouraged to apply annually for the Alpha Mu Beta Alumni Scholarship.
Advisor: Billina C. Donaldson
President: Morgan Nutter


Chi Omega Alpha

Pictured is Chi O Sorority

Chi Omega Alpha is the oldest existing sorority at the University of Rio Grande. The foundations of this sorority are built on sisterhood, leadership, and lifelong friendship. In their eyes, no girl is an island, and sisterhood is forever. The members are dedicated and hard-working women who focus on community service projects throughout campus and the community. With philanthropy in Breast Cancer, it is the goal of Chi Omega Alpha to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research each year. You can see many of the Chi-O projects on their Instagram @chioatrio. Membership is invitation-only and open to all female members of the University of Rio Grande. Members of the Sorority and or students whose mothers or grandmothers were members are eligible and encouraged to apply for the Chi Omega Alpha Chapter of Athena Scholarship.  Love in Athena.
Advisor: Melissa Roush
President: Anna Ackley


Delta Theta

The purpose of the Delta Theta sorority is to develop and maintain sisterhood among the women of the University of Rio Grande, to promote scholarship, and to serve the campus and community of the University of Rio Grande. Membership is invitation-only and open to female students of the University of Rio Grande. 
Advisor: Marinda Cook
President: Victoria Wilson


Zeta Theta Chi

The purpose of Zeta Theta Chi is to support and promote better academic grades, to help improve the school, to maintain and promote the standards of the University of Rio Grande, and to encourage and develop sisterhood. Membership is invitation-only and open to any female student.

Go Greek

Interested in joining Greek Life? Rushing takes place during the first few weeks of each semester. During this time, organizations will hold open events for all students.

Darcy Williams

  • AGC President/Member of Chi Omega Alpha