Expand your background knowledge before entry into a bachelor’s degree engineering program. Pre-Engineering meets the Ohio Transfer Module requirements.

Pre-Engineering Associate of Technical Studies (ATS) degree focus on building a strong background in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry in preparation for entry into a bachelor’s degree engineering program. The Pre-Engineering curriculum meets the minimum and additional general education requirements of the Ohio Transfer Module. The Pre-Engineering degree is a cost-effective solution for students who wish to expand their background knowledge before entry into a bachelor’s degree engineering program. Students should consult with any school they might be considering transferring to regarding the ultimate transferability of courses completed at Rio Grande.

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Learn more about how you can save on your baccalaureate by attending Rio and earning a Pre-Engineer degree. 

Jessica Deweese


Pre-Engineering (Associate)

  • Associate's Program

Program Overview

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the foundational skills necessary for further study in Engineering or related disciplines at a four-year college or university.
  • Solve problems in science & engineering using critical thinking skills.
  • Effectively communicate scientific and engineering concepts both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of scientific notation, the concept of a logarithm, logarithmic scales, and the use of units appropriate for the problem at hand.

Sample Courses

  • MTH 15204 Calculus II    
  • MTH 21404 Intro Probability & Statistics    
  • NSC 22304 Environmental Science    
  • PHY 18505 General Physics II with Algebra

All Course Requirements

Degree or Certificate
  • Associate of Technical Studies
Campus Location
  • Rio Grande Main Campus
College or School
  • College of Professional and Technical Studies
  • Emerson E. Evans School of Business
Modality tells you whether this program is in-person, online, or hybrid.
  • All courses required in-person
Total Credit Hours
Kidd Math and Science Building

Kidd Math & Science Center

The Kidd Math/Science Center opened in 1985.  With an award-winning masonry design, the center’s front doors open to a glass atrium with live plants and a trickling pond.  A spacious lobby follows with comfortable studying facilities.  The center houses three large chemistry labs, three biology labs, one physics lab, one computer lab, lecture rooms, faculty offices, and a large bent glass greenhouse that enhances the view of campus.  McKenzie Hall opened in 1997 providing math/science students, along with the nursing students, two large lecture halls, a variety of lecture rooms, an anatomy lab, three computer labs, faculty offices and a conference room with a beautiful view of campus and the surrounding landscape.