Medical Assistant

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Our program equips aspiring health professionals with the diverse skills needed to excel in both administrative and clinical tasks within ambulatory settings. Impacting public health directly, our curriculum ensures mastery of a sophisticated body of knowledge and specialized skills. Through a blend of formal education and hands-on experience, we prepare you for entry into this vital profession. Our program is designed to offer you job ready certificates so you can earn while you learn. Elevate your career in healthcare with us!

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Michelle Kennedy

  • Meigs Center Director

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

  • Associate's Program

Program Overview

Rio’s Medical Assistant Degree is designed to offer you job-ready certificates so you can earn while you learn. These are in-demand programs that have been requested by many of our community partners and local agencies. With these stackable short-term certificates, you will build your skills toward your Medical Assistant degree.

Stackable Certificates:

  • CPR - Safety and First Aid
  • Medical Scribe
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Medical Coding
  • EKG - Electrocardiography Technician
  • PBT - Phlebotomy

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate they understand the importance of strong compliant and ethical practices in healthcare revenue cycle.
  • Demonstrate they understand the significance and possible legal consequences of medical compliance
  • Demonstrate they understand the significance and possible legal consequences of workplace confidentiality
  • Demonstrate they understand basic concepts of healthcare law and guidelines as well as be able to identify potential violations and understand an appropriate course of action upon identification of a compliance concern
  • Demonstrate they understand the need to follow the HIPAA guidelines relating to patient privacy and basic reporting requirements after a disclosure
Degree or Certificate
  • Associate of Technical Studies
Campus Location
  • Meigs Center
College or School
  • School of Allied Health & Exercise Studies
Modality tells you whether this program is in-person, online, or hybrid.
  • All courses required in-person
Total Credit Hours