Multiple Intelligences Core

MIC 50202 Portfolio

The Portfolio course introduces to the student the importance of the portfolio as a means of self assessing, self reflecting, and self correcting by self documenting progress throughout this graduate program. Concepts related to teacher development, student portfolios, reflective thinking, and personality types will be explored and a draft Abstract will be completed.

Offered for 2 Semester hours.

MIC 50303 Mentoring Models

This course focuses on teaching (mentoring, coaching) what matters most, with strategies for doing so, and ways to assess what is being learned.

Offered for 3 Semester hours.

MIC 50403 Learning Theory

Review and contrast various learning theories, with the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, in light of current brain research, societal/ environmental influences and school practices.

Offered for 3 Semester hours.

MIC 50501 Leaders and Change

This course will serve to stimulate leadership in the major beliefs of the program for the Master of Education with a concentration in Integrated Arts.

Offered for 1 Semester hours.

MIC 50603 Curriculum

Students will learn how to write lesson plans that are creative, pertinent, and interesting, by integrating the arts. Emphasis will be placed upon the state curriculum models. Students will be given the opportunity to share with and gain ideas from their peers.

Offered for 3 Semester hours.

MIC 50802 Research and Evaluation Methods

This course is designed to provide the student with opportunities to design, conduct, critique and reflect upon the underlying concepts and practical application of various assessment methodologies for assessing classroom learning.  Journaling, threading discussions, practical applications, and an opportunity to demonstrate how students may effect change at the district level are features of this course.

Offered for 2 Semester hours.

MIC 50902 Literacy in Technology

This course emphasizes the uses of computers in education, data management, and content area application.

Offered for Semester hours.

MIC 51101 Grant Writing

Grant Writing is a course designed to familiarize students with the funding processes and to develop a basic knowledge of grant writing skills.  Through the course students will explore various funding sources, develop a funding idea that might be implemented in their classroom/school, develop a budget for the idea, and complete a grant proposal that might be submitted for foundation/corporate consideration.

Offered for 1 Semester hours.