Fine and Performing Arts

FPA 10503 (TM) Fine Arts

This course is a study of the growth and development of Western Culture as defined in Fine Arts: Music, Painting, Dance, Theatre, Sculpture, and Architecture. Course fee required.

Offered Fall, Spring for 3 Semester hours.

FPA 56101 Functions of the Arts

In this course, definitions of art are explored and the uses of art are considered. Students explore the contexts in which art is created and how art serves society. Students then learn to value each art independently.

Offered for 1 Semester hours.

FPA 56201 Multicultural Arts

This course focuses on cultural infusion through the arts and how art reflects the culture that produces it.

Offered for 1 Semester hours.

FPA 56302 Experiential Travel

In this course, students are expected to TRAVEL in a group to a major city with the express purpose to attend a full schedule of cultural events, tour museums and architectural landmarks, and meet with artists and scholars. Cultural centers might include New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, London, Rome, etc. Can be repeated.

Offered for 2 Semester hours.