Diagnostic Medical Sonography

DMS 43601 Registry Review

A review course to prepare for the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). A comprehensive review with multiple practice examinations covering physics and instrumentation, abdominal and small parts sonography, and ob/gyn sonography will be offered. Prerequisite: satisfactory progress in the General DMS program.

Offered Summer for 1 Semester hours.

DMS 43701 Breast Sonography

The study and uses of diagnostic medical sonography and its application in the diagnosis of disease of the breast. This course will include an in-depth study of breast anatomy as well as the ultrasonic characteristics of normal tissue versus pathological processes. The sonographer’s role during ultrasound-guided invasive procedures will be discussed and case studies will be presented. Prerequisite: DMS 42103. One-hour lecture.

Offered Spring for 1 Semester hours.

DMS 48801-03 Selected Topics in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

This course is a study of DMS topics not included in other course offerings. The format for this course may be special projects, readings, a scheduled class, or a seminar. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the DMS program.

Offered On Demand for 1-3 Semester hours.

DMS 49901-03 Directed Studies in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Independent study and/or research under the supervision of an instructor in diagnostic medical sonography. May include directed research and readings, formal in-depth study of a topic of special interest to the student, individual projects, special educational experiences, or a practicum in which theories and their practical applications are brought together in a single educational experience. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, the completion of at least the two-year degree in DMS or RAD, and permission of the instructor and program director.

Offered On Demand for 1-3 Semester hours.