Jesse Edwards-Fall 2018 Spotlight on Alumni Success

Jesse EdwardsJesse Edwards grew up in Gallipolis, and graduated from Gallia Academy High School. In 2005, he completed a Music Business degree at Rio.
What made you choose Rio? A friend recommended Dr. Chris Kenney as an instructor. He was proven right-I learned everything I know about music from that man.
What was your favorite course at Rio…and why? I enjoyed many things about Rio, but the Grande Chorale and Senior Recitals were always my favorite.
What do you miss most about Rio? I miss being around the other music majors. At Guitar Center, I am constantly surround by musicians… But to be part of a group in the pursuit of learning is a very different experience. I
What advice would you give current students at Rio? I would advise student to do what you love. It is easy to earn a paycheck if you enjoy your work.
Where do you work now? What’s your job title? I currently work for Guitar Center Inc. I am the store manager of their Columbus OH location.
What are some of your greatest or most recent professional achievements? I have won three achievement awards during my time with the company for outstanding service and leadership.
What kinds of art, music, writing, research or academic work are you doing now? I enjoy most types on music and I am involved in many bands and projects. The most notable is The Clarence Light Orchestra, a active country band that has been on the Columbus scene for 14 years. I am also involved with The Ol’ Boys, a acoustic bluegrass/rock band.
What’s next in your career?
I’ve been writing a lot more. I want to focus on that, and getting back to the electric guitar. Touching base with rock, blues and jazz more.
If you couldn’t have your current career, what would you do for a living?
I’d probably do something with the written word. Although I can’t imagine if I didn’t have music in my life. Warlord, maybe.
If you could spend the day with any fine artist, living or dead, who would it be?
I’d really dig hanging out with Prince for a day, just to see how that cat did it.
What is your favorite book: The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein
Favorite musician: My favorite musician is the late Clarence White. A grassroots guitar player that helped innovate Bluegrass and Country Rock in the 70’s. Definitely check out The Bryds: Live at the Fillmore for some tasty licks.
Favorite movie: Jaws
Favorite food: Chinese
Favorite quote: “Do or not do—there is no try.”-Yoda
If you could move anywhere, where would you go?
I don’t see myself going anywhere, I’m pretty content. Ohio is where I was born and raised, I’ll probably die here.
Do you live with a spouse, children, roommates or pets?
My spouse Valerie, two dogs and a cat.
What’s the one thing that most people don’t know about you?
I’m very self-critical.

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