Dempsey Rupe-Spring 2016 Spotlight on Success

Dempsey RupeWhat is your major and class standing? I am a senior History major, but I also received my associates in political science and sociology in May of 2015. I plan to walk in May of 2016.

What are your plans after graduation? I am currently training to become an officer in the United States Military.

Where did you go to grow up and where did you go to high school (and/or other colleges)? I grew up in Pataskala, Ohio until middle school and then my family moved to Middleport, Ohio. I did Post Secondary all four years of high school at the University of Rio Grande,

Did you grow up with siblings or pets? I have an older sister and four younger brothers. I currently live on my family farm in which we have dogs, cats, chickens, guinae fowl, a goat, and pigs.

What was your best experience in high school? My best high school experience was graduates’ picnic. It was an emotional and invigorating day, as we prepared for the future.

Who was your most influential high school teacher? As a four year PSO student, my experiences with high school teachers is quite limited, so I choose instead Professor Karen Elliott, who is a great role model and friend!

Why did you choose Rio? I chose Rio due to being accepted into the PSO program. I choose to graduate from Rio because I fell in love with the school and the atmosphere. Going to Rio Grande will never be something that I regret.

What’s your best experience at Rio so far? My best experience at Rio would be directly related to the friends I have made both in and outside of the classroom.

What’s your greatest achievement as a student? My greatest achievement as a student will be walking at graduation in May receiving my bachelors.

Why did you choose your major? My major is History and I chose this major because of the history professors that I had. Their enthusiasm for what they taught was contagious and made me more willing to learn.

What was your favorite course at Rio so far…and why?  My favorite course at rio would be hard to decide. Besides history, my favorite subject was sociology. Learning more about people individually and in groups interested me.

What do you plan to do after graduation? Where do you see yourself in ten years? I am training to be an officer in the United States Military. In ten years, I hope to either still be serving my country or be in a position to be bettering my community.

What’s the best part of being a student? The best part about being a student is the friends and experiences you have. The worse part is studying for days and still feeling like you did not do enough.

What advice would you give to incoming Freshmen? My advice to incoming freshman would be to never assume you have time to slack off on a project or paper.

If you could spend the day with any fine artist, writer or intellectual, living or dead, who would it be? The intellectual that I would like to have a conversation with would have to be my grandfather. I know that he is not famous by any standards but he was the smartest man I knew, and his advice is something I would never turn down.

What is your favorite book? Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs.

Favorite Artist: Alejandro Dini.

Musician: Lee Brice.

Movie: Patch Adams.

Food: pork chops.

If I could move anywhere I would move to: Florida.

Favorite quote: “Hardships prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny,” C.S. Lewis.

One thing most people do not know about me: I taught myself how to knit!

Thank you, Dempsey, and congratulations on being chosen for the Spring 2016 Spotlight on Student Success!

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