Mission Statement

The two-year Applied Technical Study Welding Technology program is designed to develop welding personnel skilled in metal product layout and design, properties of materials, welding code compliance and testing procedures, and fabrication and joining processes. The two-year course of study is organized to allow the student to develop the required skills necessary to successfully pass the mandatory pre-graduation welding performance certification test. The industrial coursework, along with a solid foundation in mathematics, science, and communications will greatly enhance the student’s understanding and employability in today’s highly diverse workplace environment. 

Learning Outcomes

The successful manufacturing technology student will:

  • demonstrate his or her ability to work within the safety guidelines of a welding/fabrication shop
  • perform the proper equipment inspections to assure safety guideline compliance
  • layout and prepare for cutting various parts, assemblies, and or, coupons to be welded
  • correctly setup, operate, shutdown, and disassemble an oxy/fuel gas torch system
  • correctly clean and prepare surfaces to be welded
  • correctly fit up and maintain alignment of the assemblies or coupons to be welded
  • properly adjust the welding process power sources in preparation for tacking and welding the assemblies or coupons to be welded
  • weld the assemblies or coupons to meet the applicable code requirements
  • perform the inspection processes to assure the welded assemblies or coupons meet the requirements of the applicable code


The Welding/Manufacturing Laboratory in the E.E. Davis Career Center is equipped with a wide range of industrial lathes, milling machines, surface grinders, MIG, TIG, and traditional electrode welding machines. The Materials & Metallurgy Laboratory includes a universal testing machine, and all the metallurgy equipment required to study the micro- structure of metals.

Associate of Technical Studies-Welding (94216)

* Placement determined testing.

To receive the ATS Welding degree, student must achieve a 2.00 overall grade point average in all Manufacturing/ technology-related courses and a 2.00 overall grade point average in all coursework.

NOTE: This degree is a direct pathway to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology (BSIT)

Welding Certificate (9402)

The Welding Certificate Program is a nine-month program designed to train welders for jobs relating to structural welding and fabricating applications. The program will provide the student with a strong foundation in the following fields: structural welding and fabrication, destructive and non-destructive weld testing techniques, and welding code compliance requirements. Upon the successful completion of the program, a student will have the necessary welding skills to pass the AWS structural welding performance test. Any student, successfully passing the welding performance test, will receive welding certifications applicable to the highest level welding performance test he or she successfully performs. In addition to performing the actual welding, the student will be able to select, prepare, and perform destructive and non-destructive testing on welding specimens. In addition to welding skills, the program will require the student to complete coursework in the fields of print reading, machine tool operations (lathes, milling machines, drill presses, etc.), technical mathematics, and technical communications. This broad-based foundation will afford the students, who successfully complete the program, the opportunity to become productive employees for companies ranging from structural/ fabrication welding shops to repair/rebuild machine shops.

Major Area required courses:
ENG 11103 (TM) Composition I3
MFG 10103 Basic Welding2
MFG 10203 GMAW Processes3
MFG 11102 Blueprint Reading for Industry2
MFG 12103 Weld Testing & Inspection3
MFG 12403 Manufacturing Processes3
MFG 20103 Advanced Welding3
MFG 20203 GTAW Processes3
MFG 24103 Materials & Metallurgy3
TEC 11704 Applied Technical Mathematics I *4
Total required hours for certificate30

* Placement determined by testing.

To receive the Welding Certificate, student must achieve a 2.00 overall grade point average in all Manufacturing/ technology-related courses and a 2.00 overall grade point average in all coursework.

Welding Gainful Employment Disclosure

To view and/or print a copy of the Welding fact sheet, which includes a suggested course sequence; visit the program’s website at