Liberal Studies

Mission Statement

The Liberal Studies program seeks to promote critical thinking, intellectual inquiry, and effective communication. Students choosing Liberal Studies as a major will develop skills to confront a myriad of complex problems by analyzing, from different perspectives, how events interrelate. By applying an interdisciplinary approach, students will develop skills to help them make decisions that will maximize both the individual and collective good.

Learning Outcomes

The successful student will be able to:

  • Create innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Demonstrate effective use of written, oral, and electronic communication
  • Analyze inter-related events from several perspectives
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify concepts and to construct methods of inquiry
  • Demonstrate understanding of diverse perspectives and work with people from diverse backgrounds within a global community
  • Effectively use argumentation and persuasive techniques


Robert S. Wood Hall opened in September, 1989 and contains an auditorium, several general classrooms, seminar rooms, two smart classrooms and the Instructional Design and Media Center, which assists faculty with online learning and additional technology. The offices of senior and part-time faculty are on the second floor.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts – Comprehensive Major in Liberal Studies (09401)

The Bachelor of Arts with a Comprehensive Major in Liberal Studies is intended for those individuals with broad intellectual interests who seek the enrichment, breadth of knowledge, and intellectual skills that a liberal arts education can provide. As an alternative to traditional disciplinary and specialized education, the B.A. in Liberal Studies offers a unique and innovative degree program that provides both structure and flexibility. The structuring component of the program consists of a core of team-planned courses centered on the interdisciplinary study of the humanities. The Liberal Studies faculty believe that the humanities (i.e. the study of the major ideas and values, literature and philosophy, arts and letters, and themes and images which have given meaning to human existence and which have shaped the evolution of civilization) is best approached through an interdisciplinary format which brings together different academic disciplines and perspectives for an integrated study of human thought and culture. While all students in the program are required to complete the interdisciplinary core, students (with the help of their academic advisor) get to choose an area of concentration and various elective courses to pursue their individual interests.

General Education39-40
Major Area required courses:
Select two of the following courses:
HIS 12103 American History I
HIS 12203 (TM) American History II
HIS 13103 (TM) World Civilization I
HIS 13203 (TM) World Civilization II
HUM 20103 (TM) The Humanities
SPA 11103 Elementary Spanish I
Select 28 hours from the following General Education courses:
Take 6 courses in area of concentration at 3000 or 4000 level18
Total Major Area hours64
Selected Minor and Personal electives23-24
Total required hours for degree126