Health Care Administration

Mission Statement

The Health Care Administration would prepare students to enter management practice in a health care setting. The program prepares students for management positions in a wide variety of health care settings and facilities including, but not limited to, medical practices, hospitals, home-health organizations, health departments, and nursing homes.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in business communication utilizing word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database software.
  • Identify and describe major differences between Health Education, Drug Education, and Community Health.
  • Explain the legal concepts associated with business and Healthcare Administration and describe their impact on business decisions.
  • Understand and develop an implementation plan, using project management methods and software.


The Bob Evans Farm Hall was built in 2001 and is the home of the Emerson E. Evans School of Business. A distinctive tower creates a central sky light in the center of the building, which houses three computer labs, faculty offices, a student lounge area, large and small meeting rooms, as well as classrooms.

Most business classes meet in Bob Evans Farm Hall with enough classroom space to house other courses on campus also.

Degree Requirements

The School of Allied Health offers students who have completed an Associate's Degree in an Allied Health field to continue their education with the Bachelor of Technical Studies (BTS) - Applied Health Care Administration (2 + 2 Program).  Students who have not completed an Allied Health Associate's Degree but are interested in the Health Care Administration field, have the opportunity to major in Business Management with a Minor in Health Care Administration.  See the School of Business’ Business Management section for more information about this program. 

The 2+2 program is designed to provide health care professionals with an associate degree from an accredited institution, an opportunity to complete a bachelor degree in Health Care Administration by completing 42 credit hours of specified courses and 18 general education credit hours (please refer to the listed degree requirements).

The majority of the courses in the HCA BTS Program are offered online allowing convenient degree completion for the working professional.

The Applied Health Care Administration BTS degree is offered through the School of Allied Health and consists of:

  • A minimum of forty-eight (42) credit hours in core courses.
  • A minimum of eighteen (18) hours of general education hours for completion of the required General Education Program.
  • A minimum of thirty-three (33) credit hours at the 300/400
  • A maximum of 125 total credit hours necessary to graduate with a BTS degree in HCA (based on an associate degree with a minimum of 65 hours).

Additional Assessment Requirements for Business Majors

All business students must take the following pre and posttests prior to graduation.

  • Associate Degree – Pre-Test First Semester & Post-Test prior to graduation.
  • Baccalaureate Degree – Pre-Test First Semester and Post-Test prior to graduation PLUS the Major Field Test in Business or an assigned equivalent.
Bachelor of Technical Studies Applied Health Care Administration (2+2 Program) (50513)

Associate Degree in related health care profession65
General Education must include:
MTH 21404 (TM) Introductory Probability and Statistics4
PSY 11103 (TM) General Psychology3
PHR 21403 Medical Ethics3
Total General Education hours18
Business core required courses
ACC 11403 Principles of Accounting I3
ACC 12403 Principles of Accounting II3
BM 20403 Principles of Management3
Total Business Core hours9
Major Area required courses
BM 31403 Human Resource Management3
BM 44503 Project Management3
BM 46403 Operations Management3
COM 33103 Health Communication3
FIN 35403 Financial Administration of Health Care Facilities3
HCA 31104 Fundamentals of Health Care4
HCA 31204 Administration of Acute Care Facilities4
HCA 31303 Population Health3
HCA 41104 Concepts in Acute Care Facilities4
HCA 41203 Health Care and the Aging Patients3
Total Major Area hours33
Total required hours for degree125

Healthcare Administration: Professional Certificate (92212) & Minor (30335)

Professional Certificate
BM 10403 Introduction to Business3
BM 20403 Principles of Management3
PHR 21403 Medical Ethics3
HCA 21104 Fundamentals of Health Care4
HCA 21204 Administration of Acute Care Facilities4
Total Credit Hours17
Professional Certificate17
HCA 41104 Concepts in Acute Care Facilities4
HCA 41203 Health Care and the Aging Patients3
Total Credit Hours27

For Additional Information

Health Care Administration program information can be found at Administration.cfm or contact Stephanie Wells-Mullins, Program Advisor & Associate Professor at 1-800-282-7201, ext. 7139 or by e-mail at

Admissions Office 1-800-282-7201
Online Admission Application- /admissions/apply/