Mission Statement

The Behavioral and Social Science Comprehensive Major is designed to give the student a fundamental knowledge of three social science discipline areas selected by the student from five disciplines (Communication, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology). The degree is structured to be flexible in choices to permit a student to focus on disciplines of more significance for their career goals. General career goals range from education content to specific discipline emphasis in further academic studies

Learning Outcome

The successful student will:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the basic methods and history of the social sciences

The successful student will have three of the following outcomes depending upon the discipline areas selected by the student:

  • To be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the basic concepts and theories of communication
  • To be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the basic concepts and theories of political science
  • To be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the basic concepts and theories of Psychology
  • To be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the basic concepts and theories of Sociology

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science – Comprehensive Major in Behavioral and Social Science (09461)

General Education must include:

ATH 12103 Anthropology3
MTH 21404 Introductory Probability and Statistics4
PSY 11103 General Psychology3
Total General Education hours45
Major Area required hours56-57
Additional General Education courses
POL 11103 American National Government3
SOC 11103 Introduction to Sociology3
Required Additional Courses
PHR 35203 Philosophy of Science3
SOC 36103 Social Research3

Select THREE Discipline Areas and take all courses in each of the three disciplines:

Area A – Communication

Area A – Communication

COM 22103 Small Group Communication3
COM 25203 Introduction to Mass Communication3
COM 41103 History of American Public Address3
COM 42103 Communication Law 3
COM 43203 Organizational Communication3
Total Communication hours15
Area B – History

Area B – History

HIS 43703 History and Historians Seminar3
Select one from the following two courses:
HIS 41803 Europe or HIS 42803 United States3
Select one from the following three courses:
HIS 22403 The Westward Movement or HIS 22503 History of Ohio or HIS 24103 Non-Western History: Latin Americia3
Select two from the following six courses:
HIS 34203 Non-Western History: Africa or HIS 34303 Non-Western History: The Middle East  or HIS 32103 American Cultural History I  or HIS 32203 American Cultural History II  or HIS 35103 British History I or HIS 35203 British History II3
Total History hours15
Area C - Political Science

Area C - Political Science

POL 12103 American State Government3
POL 31103 The Presidency3
POL 31203 The American Constitutional System3
POL 34103 Legislative Behavior & Process3
POL 35103 Comparative Government3
Total Political Science hours15
Area D – Psychology

Area D – Psychology

PSY 21103 Human Growth and Development3
PSY 42203 Counseling Skills and Theoretical Foundations3
PSY 22803 Cognitive Psychology3
PSY 33203 Social Psychology3
PSY 47103 Abnormal Psychology3
Total Psychology hours15
Area E – Sociology

Area E – Sociology

SOC 24103 Minority Groups3
SOC 25103 Social Problems3
SOC 25403 Marriage and the Family3
SOC 27203/37203 Introduction to Aging3
SOC 42103 Sociological Theory3
Total Sociology hour15


General Education42
Comprehensive Major57-61
(Including 3 discipline area choices, 6 hours additional General Education, and 6 hours additional required courses beyond General Education.)
Personal electives23-24
Total hours needed to graduate126