General Studies

Mission Statement

The Associate of Arts degree in General Studies is offered to students whose educational needs are best served by a broader based curriculum. The General Education component provides the first 42-45 credit hours of the program; the remaining credit hours are to be selected from groups of electives organized so that a student will explore several disciplines in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. 

Learning Outcomes

The successful student will:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Think critically
  • Develop a global perspective
  • Develop an understanding of cultural diversity
  • Develop a social scientific understanding of human behavior
  • Develop an appreciation of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in expressing and analyzing human values and life from multiple perspectives.

Degree Requirements

Associate of Arts – General Studies (9027)
General Education must include:
HIS 13103 (TM) World Civilization I3
HIS 13203 (TM) World Civilization II3
Total General Education hours42-45

A. Communication or Humanities courses selected from the following (no more than 2 courses in any one discipline):

ART 15404 Western Art History I4
ART 25404 Western Art History II4
COM 22103 Small Group Communication3
COM 22204 Argumentation and Debate3
COM 25103 Mass Communication3
Select one of the following three courses:
ENG 24803 Comparative World Literature
ENG 25103 American Literature to the Civil War
ENG 25203 American Literature since the Civil War
Select one of the following two courses:
ENG 26103 British Literature to the Romantic Era
ENG 26203 British Literature since the Romantic Era
Fine and Performing Arts: 
FPA 10503 (TM) Fine Arts3
JRN 22103 News Writing for Media Publications3
JRN 22302 Graphics2
MUS 10403 (TM) Music Appreciation3
MUS 10703 Fundamentals of Music3
PHR 21103 (TM) Philosophical Inquiry3
PHR 21203 Ethics3
PHR 24103 Logic and Critical Thinking3
SPA 11103 Elementary Spanish I3
SPA 11203 Elementary Spanish II3
Total Communication or Humanities hours9-10

B. Social and Behavioral Science courses selected from the following (no more than 2 courses in any one discipline)

ATH 12103 (TM) (TAG) Anthropology3
ATH 22103 Native American Anthropology3
ATH 23103 World Archaeology and Prehistory3
ECO 11403 Introduction to Microeconomics3
ECO 12403 Introduction to Macroeconomics3
HIS 12103 American History I3
HIS 12203 (TM) American History II3
HIS 22403 The Westward Movement3
HIS 22503 History of Ohio3
Political Science: 
POL 11103 (TM) American National Government3
POL 12103 American State Government3
PSY 11103 (TM) General Psychology3
PSY 21103 Human Growth and Development3
PSY 34203 Physiological Psychology3
SOC 24103 Minority Groups3
SOC 25103 Social Problems3
SOC 25403 Marriage and the Family3
SOC 27102 Death and Dying2
SOC 27203 Introduction to Aging3
SSC 25103 Principles of Geography3
Total Social and Behavioral Science hours9-10
Total hours needed to graduate64

Special Note: On the recommendation of the faculty advisor and with the approval of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, students with special educational objectives may substitute a maximum of twelve (12) hours from disciples which do not appear in Sections A and B above.