Admission Policy

The Admissions Policy is formulated to implement the philosophy of the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College, which implies that all who may benefit from a college-level education will be admitted. Admission will be determined without regard to race, color, age, marital status, national or ethnic origin, socio-economic status, political affiliation, religion, gender, or disability.

Applicants for admission are required to submit a completed application for admission as well as a high school transcript or GED. Applicants interested in applying for admission to Education, Radiologic Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Respiratory Therapy, or the Honors program must also submit (ACT/SAT) scores. Prior to enrollment, students who have not taken the ACT must have taken placement tests in reading, writing, and mathematics. The Placement Test may be taken in the New Student Advising Office by appointment.

The following academic areas practice selective admission policies and procedures. In addition to the general institutional requirements previously stipulated, the candidate for admission is directed to the Chair or Dean of each program for specific details.

The programs with selective admission requirements and/ or procedures are:

  •  Education
  • Honors
  • Nursing – Associate and Baccalaureate Degrees
  • Social Work
  • Radiologic Technology
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Respiratory Therapy

Ohio residents seeking admission to college for the first time and lower-division transfer students with Ohio residency will be granted dual acceptance to the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College.

All out-of-state applicants and upper division transfer students will be granted an acceptance to the University of Rio Grande.

Upper-division or lower-division status of transfer students will be determined upon evaluation of transfer credits as submitted on an official transcript.

Applications for admission to Rio Grande should be mailed to the following address:

Office of Admissions
University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College
PO Box 500
Rio Grande OH 45674-0500

Further information can be obtained by contacting Rio Grande at 740-245-5353 or 1-800-282-7201 ext. 7208 (Toll Free in OH, WV , KY, & PA), by e-mail (, or by fax (740-245-7260).