Rio Professor Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Raymond C. Matura

Dr. Raymond C. Matura (right) receives the Ohio Association of Gerontology and Education 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from Dr. Daniel Van Dussen, (left) Professor and Graduate Director of Gerontology, Youngstown State University and President of Ohio Association of Gerontology and Education.

Rio Grande, Ohio – The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College is proud to congratulate Professor of Sociology Dr. Raymond C. Matura for earning the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Ohio Association of Gerontology and Education (OAGE). The organization’s goal is to promote the importance of gerontology and the study of the aging process. The OAGE recognized Matura for his leadership in several national and state gerontology organizations. He has been president or an executive officer for several organizations, received several outstanding educator awards, been awarded research grants, advocated for policy changes and aided with the establishment of Area Agencies on Aging. Additionally he has mentored faculty and served as the outside reviewer on other institutions’ committees for tenure and promotion, and has been a member of students’ thesis and dissertation committees. Matura said he is grateful to be recognized for his efforts with this award.

“I am humbled that the OAGE selected me to receive this award. I was also very surprised because to me being active in the field and taking on leadership roles has just been part of what I was supposed to do. I have also always felt it was important to encourage others as they do their own research in the field. I am honored that my colleagues in the field felt I deserved to be recognized for my work,” Matura said. “The aging process is the one thing we all experience, so gerontology is something we really need to understand. As the population grows and our generations age, we look into different aspects of aging to learn how we can improve the process along the lines of health, biology and social aspects.”

Matura also serves as chair for the School of Health and Behavioral Sciences. He first joined Rio’s faculty in 1971. Dean for the College of Professional and Technical Studies Dr. Donna Mitchell said she is proud of Matura’s accomplishments in the field.

“Dr. Matura is very deserving of this award and I congratulate him on this great honor. He has been a dedicated faculty member for many years,” Mitchell said. “Dr. Matura is very interested in the success of his students even after graduation; he is a scholar and an amazing educator.”

Matura said he believes advancing his own knowledge of the field helps provide his students with quality education in the classroom.

“The role of an academic is not only to teach, but also to continue learning. One of the ways to continue learning is by research and activity in the field. Consistent practice makes us better educators,” Matura said. “I am grateful that Rio is supportive of our efforts to continue our own education of the field. We become more effective in our teaching when we keep up with the changing world and the new knowledge available in our fields.”

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