Rio Professor Earns State Licensure

Dr. Jennifer Lackey

Dr. Jennifer Lackey

The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College is proud to congratulate Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Jennifer Lackey for earning her state licensure in psychology. The licensure allows clinical psychologists to provide services independently and without the supervision of another license holder. To receive the license in the state of Ohio, psychologists need to have their doctorate degrees as well as several pre-doctoral and post-doctoral hours and then pass both a written and an oral exam. Lackey said that while earning the licensure is a long process, it has given her the opportunity to learn more about the local workforce and help her students prepare for their careers and graduate school.

“I’m excited to have passed my final test because it is a very extensive process to earn a state license, and it’s rewarding to see my efforts were successful. For my required post-doctoral hours, while I’ve been working as a professor here at Rio, I’ve also been working at Hopewell Health Centers to get those supervised hours required for the licensure,” Lackey said. “This experience has also given me the opportunity to work alongside students who are interns or part-time employees at Hopewell. Working within the community has also been a great resource to see what the clinical workforce in our area expects of employees so I can better prepare students for those types of positions upon graduation.”

Rio’s psychology department includes three specializations. Students can choose either clinical, social or cognitive psychology as a focus of their degrees. Chair of Behavioral and Social Sciences Dr. Raymond Matura said he is proud of Lackey’s accomplishment.

“When I found out Dr. Lackey was pursuing her state licensure in clinical psychology, I was very excited for her. While she is a wonderful professor and colleague, this added credential will further her ability to provide quality education to students in the clinical specialization,” Matura said. “We are all so proud of her for achieving this goal she set for herself. This also makes her the first licensed clinical psychologist on our faculty, which is very exciting because she can share those real life experiences with students.”

The psychology program at Rio includes both associate and bachelor’s degree programs that allow graduates to succeed in a wide variety of careers in the psychology field. Lackey said she hopes it will help her continue providing her students with quality education in her classroom.

“We have students in the program interested in career paths such as therapy, counseling, and other applied areas. Having professors who have their licensures helps insure they receive quality instruction that is reflective of the expectations of applied clinical psychology careers,” Lackey said. “While I decided to continue on after receiving my doctorate to get my state licensure as a way to benefit my own knowledge and further my skills, I hope this experience will also prove to benefit my students’ classroom experiences and futures in the field.”

Anyone interested in more information about the psychology program can contact the School of Health and Behavioral Sciences at (740) 245-7254.

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