Rio Grande, Ohio – The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College are proud to announce the students who have been recognized for the Fall 2017 Deans’ Honor and Merit Lists. The Deans’ Honor list recognizes students who have achieved outstanding academic success by earning a 3.75 GPA or higher for the Fall 2017 term. The students from the Jackson County area receiving this honor for Fall 2017 are:

Emily Adkins, Cameron Bates, Rylee Bates, Kimberly Bowman, Jessica Brady, Lane Bunnell, Elizabeth Burton, Steven Campbell, Micaela Casto, Chelsea Clutters, Megan Comer, Cody Coon, Kristin Crabtree, Shannon Dalton, Parker Davis, Abigail Denny, Austin Detty, Stefani Dunn, Corey Farley, Ashley Foster, Raylene Hammond, Katie Hemsley, Kelsie Henderson,

Emily Ireland, Cynthia Keefer, Lucas LeMaster, Rebecca Leslie, Karley Maple, Cailyn McCathren, Ashley Merrill, Peyton Miller, Lauren Mitchell, Carlee Morgan, Samantha Ousley, Chelsea Pelfrey, Darian Phillips, Erin Poetker, Carley Potter, Nathaniel Potter, Tiffany Powell,

Heather Radcliff, Megan Raynard, Paige Risner, Lillie Stanley, Alexandria Stevens, Felicia Stewart, Thomas Swisher, Bailey Ward, Kyle Wells, Taylor Williams, and William Woodard. The Merit List honors students who have earned a 3.5-3.74 GPA for the Fall 2017 term. The students being recognized from the Jackson County area for Fall 2017 are:

Taeylor Brown, Xena Bunton, Randy Burton, Olivia Carroll, Courtney Causey, Cheirstynn Cooper, Savanna Cooper, Richard Coriell, Haley Diltz, Colleen Farris, Elizabeth Fout, Chantal Gooslin, Caden Harden, Cole Hilderbrant, Clarissa Johnson, Jeremy Kitchen, Tabitha Kitchen,

Viktoria Leonard, Riley Patton, Allison Perry, Shaley Pierce, Gabriella Robinson, Caitlyn Shelton, Clay Staker, Donald Stapleton, Brittany Stewart, Hannah Stewart and Rachael Waldron.

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