Freshman Awarded Archon Family Scholarship

archon alumni scholarship

The Archon Alumni Association at the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College awarded Rio Freshman Zane Robertson with the first Fraternal Order Of Archon Family Scholarship. Pictured left to right are Archon Alumni Association President Brad Varney; Scholarship Recipient Zane Robertson; Archon Committee Member Jeff Webb and Robertson’s grandfather, Archon Alumnus Bill Holt.

The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College remains an important part of its alumni’s lives. To give back to future students, one fraternity has created a scholarship for relatives of former members. Rio Freshmen Zane Robertson from London, Ohio, is the recipient of the first Fraternal Order of Archon Family Scholarship. The $1000 award is a new scholarship administered directly by the Association and open to family of Archon alumni in good standing and attending the University of Rio Grande. Brad Varney, Archon Alumni Association President, said he hopes to continue offering the scholarship for future Rio students.

“This is the first year we’ve given out a scholarship to a relative of an Archon alumnus. We wanted to create this scholarship to encourage our alumni and their families to continue their support of Rio Grande,” Varney said. “We believe in the quality of education at Rio and the dedication of the faculty and staff. It’s a unique institution with a small campus. For all of us, Rio is very personal because you get to know everyone, and we want that kind of experience for our families.”

The Fraternal Order of Archon is a fraternity dedicated to serving the campus and the community. The organization was founded 60 years ago during the 1957-1958 school year and received official recognition by the then-Rio Grande College Board of Trustees the following year. Because they wanted to continue supporting Rio after graduation, former members created the Archon Alumni Association to assist the fraternity with its goal.

“Archon’s active members work hard and put in a lot of time to support Rio in academics and athletics,” Varney said. “In turn, the Archon Alumni Association works to assist active members in these efforts. Rio is a special place for all of our members, and we all feel education is very important. This is our way to say thank you and to give back to the institution.”

Robertson, a 2017 graduate of West Jefferson High School, is the grandson of Rio Alumni Bill Holt, Class of 1970, and Madeline Holt. Both are retired educators from Columbus Public Schools and Madison Plane School District, respectively, and operate a 100-acre farm in Madison County, Ohio. While at West Jefferson, Robertson, the son of Victor and Suzanne Robertson, played football and baseball, participated in student council, 4-H Club and the National Honor Society. He said he is enjoying his time at Rio and is proud to carry on a family tradition.

“Rio is the right size school for me and everyone was really nice and welcoming during my college visit, so it seemed like a great fit. It’s an honor to attend the same school as my grandparents and follow in their footsteps. It’s been a change being away from home, but my first few weeks here have been going great,” Zane said. “I think it’s great Archon offers this scholarship because it brings people and families back to this school and community. It also shows how much they do for this university.”

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