“Business Talk” Broadcast Growing in Popularity

Students and faculty members from the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College are being seen and heard locally and around the world through a series of weekly podcasts and videos that focus on business-related topics.

The podcasts and videos are a collaborative effort between Rio Grande’s Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship program and the Ohio State University South Centers.

The weekly show is “Business Talk,” and it is broadcast on television on the Rio Grande campus channel and on the cable television system in Jackson. It is a live production that begins at 4 p.m. each Wednesday. In addition, the podcasts and videos of the program are also posted online.

The podcasts and videos have been accessed locally and around the world. In fact, people in more than 140 countries around the world have watched or listened to the programs already.

“I’m very pleased with how successful it has become,” said Patrick Dengel, business development specialist for OSU South Centers.

Dengel, who works closely with Rio Grande’s MBA program and even has an office in Bob Evans Farms Hall on the Rio Grande campus, collaborates on the Business Talk shows with MBA student Nate Walzer; Jason Winters, the director of the Center for Small Business Entrepreneurship at Rio Grande; and Mike Thompson, instructional design and media services director at Rio Grande.

The idea behind the program is to promote Rio Grande and its diverse educational programs; promote the OSU South Centers and everything it offers; help support local businesses and organizations; promote southern Ohio; and provide a great learning opportunity for Rio Grande’s MBA students.

Each week, the program welcomes in guests from the community to talk about business-related topics. A few of the most recent topics include legal services, online newspapers, the American Marketing Association chapter at Rio Grande, services available to local businesses, world economics, farmers markets, tourism-related businesses, management styles and new technology available for businesses.

Walzer, Winters, Thompson and Dengel do all the work for the programs, from interviewing guests, running the cameras and doing the technical work. Walzer also creates promotional videos and other materials for each week’s program. Dengel said that the MBA student is doing outstanding work on “Business Talk,” and added that it will help him in his career.

A big part of being successful in business is knowing how to communicate effectively, and knowing how to market your products and services in new ways. This experience is giving Walzer the opportunity to hone his skills in these areas, and it will also benefit other MBA students who assist with the program.

Rio Grande and the OSU South Centers began creating the “Business Talk” programs in 2010, and other MBA students have also been involved with and have benefited from the program.

The program started out as a podcast, and later turned into the online videos and programs on local cable television stations. Dengel is also now filming a series of informational and training videos for businesses and students, and these programs have also proved to be very successful.

Dengel keeps track of how many people view all of the programs, and he has watched the popularity of “Business Talk” and other programs increase since 2010. Currently, the programs have had more than 15,700 views, and the numbers go up each week. He has also received positive feedback from people who are accessing the programs locally and around the world. “We’re very happy that so many people are watching and listening to our programs, and we hope they are enjoying them and learning from them,” Dengel said. “I know that we enjoy making them, and our students are gaining a great deal of experience by being a part of this project.”

In order to access any of the podcasts, Dengel invites anyone interested to log onto http://www.blogtalkradio.com/a-patrick-dengel. All interested people are also encouraged to log onto YouTube at www.youtube.com, and search under Rio Grande Business Talk to watch the videos of the programs. The Facebook page for the program, located at www.facebook.com/theosurio also provides additional information.

For more information on Business Talk, Rio Grande’s MBA program or the OSU South Centers, call Jason Winters at 1-800-282-7201 or Patrick Dengel at 740-708-7810.

For additional information on the MBA program, as well as information on the wide range of academic programs offered on Rio Grande’s scenic campus, log onto www.rio.edu.

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