Allied Health Programs Application Deadline Approaches

Rio Grande, Ohio – The University of Rio Grande School of Health and Behavioral Science’s deadlines to apply for an allied health program is just around the corner. The last day to apply for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS), Radiologic Technology (RAD), and Respiratory Therapy (RCP) programs is April 1, 2018. Students looking to apply are to submit their applications and supporting documentations such as high school and college transcripts as well as ACT scores to the School of Health and Behavioral Science by this deadline. The two-year associate degree Medical Office Assistant program is an open-enrollment program and does not have an application process. The school also offers open enrollment for one-year certificate programs in Medical Coding and Billing and Medical Transcription. The application deadline for the one-year Pharmacy Technician certificate program is August 1, 2018.

All programs with an application process have a prerequisite of a high school or college biology, algebra and chemistry course. The RAD program includes an additional prerequisite of a high school or college-level physics course. All prerequisites require a grade of “C” or higher. Students who have graduated from high school within the last five years are also required to have an ACT composite score of at least 20 for the RAD and DMS programs. Because of limited availability at clinical sites, the RCP, RAD and DMS programs require students to qualify and participate in an interview process before the school makes final selections.

Students are encouraged to apply for all programs where they have an interest, but will need a separate application for each program. Copies of the DMS, RAD, RCP, or Pharm Tech program application forms are available on the university website’s Degrees and Programs page,, by clicking the link to the degree’s webpage.

For more information on the programs and application process, contact Vicki Crabtree, at 740-245-7316 or

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