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The Pharmacy Technician Program’s mission is to educate students to fill an ever-increasing need for Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technicians. We strive to offer students, traditional and nontraditional, training in a timely manner (two semesters) that will enable the student to achieve the skills and certification necessary to be employed as a health care professional. Our goal is to prepare the students to pass the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination given by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, and gain employment in facilities such as retail and hospital pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, home infusion businesses, and other related healthcare practices. In addition, our aim is to improve the overall quality of pharmaceutical care in the region.

A pharmacy technician assists a pharmacist in the preparation of prescription medications. Duties include entering patient and prescription data into the computer, choosing the correct drug from the shelf, counting tablets or capsules, or measuring and reconstituting liquid preparations, labeling, pricing, preparation of IV Admixtures, filling robotic prescription dispensers, etc. Communicating with other health professionals and patients is a key component of their work. Most pharmacy technicians work in community retail pharmacies, but the demand is growing in hospital pharmacies, home infusion businesses, mail order pharmacies, and nursing homes. A pharmacy technician performs all the duties of a pharmacist with the exception of counseling patients and taking prescriptions from physicians over the telephone. All work is done under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist, and all activities are checked by a registered pharmacist.

The Pharmacy Technician (PHT) program is a one-year certificate program (fall & spring semesters) designed to prepare the student to pass the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination given by the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Once the student meets all academic qualifications of the program and passes this examination, before August 1 of the summer following the spring semester, the student will receive a certificate from the University of Rio Grande in Pharmacy Technology.



The Pharmacy Technician has several requirements and can be very competitive.  Please view our Pharmacy Technician FACT Sheet for a brief overview of the program and its requirements; along with a suggested curriculum. 

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