Featured Alumni: Robert Lawson ’73

Robert Lawson ’73

1.       What made you choose to pursue a college education at Rio Grande?

I was offered a grant in aid and a partial track scholarship to attend Rio. Best decision I ever made.

2.       What did Rio offer you besides an education?

Fellowship with both students and instructors. I became highly confident in my abilities.

3.       Who at Rio made an impact on your life?

There were many that had a powerful impact – Arthur Lanham; Dr. Greg Spees; Dr. Ronal Tucceri; Coach Dean B. Rinehart; and Dr. Clyde Evans

4.       What did you learn about yourself during college?

I learned you have the ability to accomplish just about anything you set your mind to.

5.       Why are you proud to be Rio Alumnus?

I know for a fact that there is no substitute for a powerful education, and I got that at Rio and am incredibly proud of the fact.

6.      How were you involved on Rio’s campus?

I sang in Grande Chorale; ran track for four years (was Most Valuable Player 3 out of 4 years); and I set the long jump record which stood for 20 years.

7.      What are some of your favorite Rio memories?

Just hanging out with friends, writing poetry for Rio Signals, and winning the Oral Interpretation of Poetry Award.

8.      Do you have any advice for current students?

The advice I have for students is this: The education you acquire at Rio can lay a solid foundation for you that gives you the opportunity to further your education even more. Once you have that, there is simply no limit to where you can go or what you might do. As a student, the power of choice always lies with you. Empowerment speaker Anthony Robbins says it this way, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” knowing that this is the case, do your best to make as many good decisions as you can. The more effective you are at good decisions, the more successful you are going to become.

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