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Fauna Donahue

Fauna Donahue



Fauna Donahue


Instructor of Mathematics

Alternate Title A

Adjunct Math Education Instructor


School of Mathematics & Natural Science

Department/School Alt A

Bunce School of Education



Kidd Math Science Center




Rio Grande Main Campus

Office Hours

Office Hours

varies by term, posted at office door



Received my Bachelor’s degree from The University of Rio Grande and my Master’s from the University of Dayton.

Work Experience

I taught for thirty years in public education as a HS math teacher. I retired, after 28 years, from Wellston City Schools in 2013. I then worked for Jackson City Schools at the Center for Student Achievement for the next 4 years. CSA was a Charter school serving Jackson High School. We worked one-on-one with high school students. I then served Buckeye Hills Career Center as the In School Suspension monitor for the first quarter of 2017. The second quarter I spent working for Jackson High School as a substitute HS math teacher for an ill math teacher. Rio hired me as an Adjunct Professor for the spring semester of 2018. And here I am, a full time instructor at my Alma Mater!


My brother and I own a farm just west of Vinton. I currently work full time at Rio and serve as my mother’s primary care giver.

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