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Brian Higley

Brian Higley



Brian P. Higley


Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology


School of Health and Behavioral Sciences



Wood Hall


(740) 245-7099


Rio Grande Main Campus



Dr. Brian P. Higley has taught and consulted at various universities and colleges across the nation, from larger universities (like the University of Florida and the University of North Florida) to smaller private liberal arts schools (like St. Lawrence University and West Virginia Wesleyan College) to vocational schools and community colleges (like the Art Institute and Sante Fe Community College).  Throughout his career, he has earned a variety of teaching, mentoring, and research awards, including the National Society of Collegiate Scholars Honorary Membership Award (honoring outstanding contributions to the classroom, the campus, and the community), the Disability Resource Center Professor Empowerment Award (honoring professors who promote students’ learning and growth), multiple Osprey Ovations (honoring professors who positively impact the lives of students), and the Ted Landsman Award (recognizing excellence in the promotion and research of human growth and development).  A main focus of Dr. Higley’s career has been the development of H2O-centered education, an evidence-based approach to the promotion of meaningful learning that emphasizes the integration of the science of learning, behavioral change, and personal growth into the practice of classroom management.  For a brief overview of H2O-centered education, click here.

Dr. Higley has also consulted with a variety of individuals, teams, and organizations on how to implement evidence-based best practices in education, leadership, management, and family life in organizations ranging from small, family-owned businesses to hospitals and mental health facilitates to Fortune 500 companies. He has been invited to speak at a variety of organizations on topics ranging from personal effectiveness to interpersonal expertise to organizational effectiveness and has served as a mentor to hundreds of students on his research, teaching, and intern teams.  Dr. Higley is also a regular panelist on the radio podcast series Journey into Excellence, a show focused on providing listeners with evidence-based methods of promoting success and satisfaction provided by nationally renowned experts in business, politics, education, and family systems.  To listen to the Journey into Excellence radio podcasts series, click here.

Dr. Higley graduated summa cum laude from Baldwin-Wallace College (now Baldwin-Wallace University), where he was the captain of the school’s basketball team and won numerous academic and athletic awards, including the Clyde Lamb Award (awarded the outstanding student-athlete at the university) and the Dr. William Prokasy Award (awarded to a psychology major based upon academic achievement, contributions to the department, and potential in the field of psychology). He received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida, where he co-founded the Life Satisfaction and Excellence Lab and where his research earned him the Ted Landsman Award for excellence in the promotion of human growth and development. Dr. Higley is currently focused on the development, testing, and implementation of trainings and tools that facilitate education excellence, organizational and team excellence, and personal effectiveness/life satisfaction.  To visit the Life Satisfaction and Excellence Lab’s Facebook page, click here.



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*First two authors contributed equally.

Presentations & Lectures


Sanchez, A., Catuogno, J.M., Heesacker, M., & Higley, B. P. (2019, May). Required Online Personal Achievement Training Resulted in Better Goals and More Course Related Goals Achieved. Poster session presented at the 31st Annual APS Convention, Washington D.C.

Sanchez, A., Heesacker, M., & Higley, B. P. (2019, February). Assessing Excellence University effectiveness. Poster presented at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, Jacksonville, FL.

Goetz, J., Burns, P., Mills, K., Ferrin, M., Rosen, M., Heesacker, M., & Higley, B. (2018, May). Frenzied doing: An exploratory analysis of busy-ness without effective task prioritization.  Poster session presented at the 30th Annual APS Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA.

Maxwell, B., Brown, I., & Higley, B.P. (2014, February). An exploration of the God-image vis a vis the devil-image.  Poster session presented at Florida International University’s Fourth Annual Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, Miami, FL.

Taylor, J.M., Pendley, C.L., Higley, B.P. & Mistler, B.P. (2006, October). Life satisfaction intervention: Increasing adolescent adherence, achievement and relationship abilities.  Poster session presented at the University of Florida Conference of the Social Sciences, Gainesville, FL.

Pendley, C.L., Higley, B.P., Mistler, B.J., & Taylor, J.M. (2006, March). Enhancing life satisfaction among high school adolescents.  Poster session presented at the Society for Research on Adolescents’ Biennial Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Higley, B.P. & Tucker, C.M. (2000, March). Modifiable factors that contribute to activity adherence across various activities. Poster session presented at the American Psychological Association, New Orleans, LA.

Honors & Awards


Osprey Ovation (multiple), honoring professors who positively impact the lives of students

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars Honorary Membership Award, honoring outstanding contributions to the classroom, the campus, and the community

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) Professor Empowerment Award, honoring professors who promote students’ learning and growth

University of Florida Ted Landsman Award, recognizing excellence in the promotion and research of human growth and development

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