Residential Freshman Move-In

August 15, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Residential Freshman Move-In

There will be Campus Police officers and signage at the dorm areas to guide and assist entering and exiting vehicles.

For the woman’s Davis Hall dorm, please utilize both the street parking available on North College St., as well as the gravel lot directly across from the dorm.

For Boyd Hall, the fire lane adjacent to the dorm will be utilized for travel. Police officers and signage will guide you. The initial entrance to the fire lane is located off of East College St.

The key is to unload your vehicle as quickly as possible and get your items to your room. Then come back immediately to your vehicle so as the keep the line moving. Problems occur when after vehicles are unloaded; students take items to their room and start unpacking / setting up their rooms while their vehicle is still parked in the fire lane unload area.

Stay calm and realize there will be officers and Rio staff present to help you through process. All involved fully realize this both a happy a stressful time for all.

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