Middle Childhood

Bachelor of Science – Middle Childhood+

The Middle Childhood Licensure area has specific General Education requirements. Also required are Professional Education and Curriculum Content areas. Students electing to pursue the Middle Childhood Licensure program must select two area concentrations from the four options available: Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Since this License program requires two (2) areas of concentration for a total of 38 - 62 hours, the suggested sequence requires more than a normal semester load of sixteen to seventeen hours. This licensure program prepares candidates to teach in Grade 4 - 9 Content Specific settings. It is Nationally Recognized by the Association for Middle-Level Education (AMLE) and approved by the Ohio Department of Education for Initial Four-Year Resident Educator Licensure.

+ URG degree codes for this licensure area are:

40415 – Language Arts/Social Studies
40416 – Language Arts/Math
40418 – Social Studies/Math

Bachelor of Science – Middle Childhood+

General Education

Common General Education Courses21
MTH 11505 Mathematics for Educators I5
Select one of the following:
ART 10303 (TM) Art Appreciation
FPA 10503 (TM) Fine Arts
MUS 10403 (TM) Music Appreciation
Select one of the following:
ENG 24103 (TM) The Literary Imagination
HUM 20103 (TM) The Humanities
PHR 21103 (TM) Philosophical Inquiry
Select one of the following:
BIO 11404 (TM) Principles of Biology
BIO 12104 Biology I  (required for Science concentration)
Select one of the following courses
CHM 10404 (TM) Principles of Chemistry  (required for Science concentration)
NSC 22304 (TM) Environmental Science
PHY 10404 (TM) Principles of Physics
General Education Total40

Professional Education

Common Professional Courses23
EDU 23503 Content Area Reading for Middle Childhood.3
EDU 26501 Middle Childhood Seminar I1
EDU 33203 Phonics for Middle Childhood*3
EDU 44403 Reading Assessment & Development*3
EDU 49210 Clinical Practice in the Middle Childhood Setting *10
Select two from the following:
EDU 22203 Science, Health, & Nutrition Methods & Intervention Techniques for Middle Childhood
EDU 26403 Middle Childhood Integrated Social Studies Methods
EDU 37503 Middle Childhood Integrated Language Arts Methods*
EDU 48304 Math Methods & Intervention Techniques for Middle Childhood*
Professional Education Total52-53

Choose two concentrations from the four below:

Middle Childhood: Language Arts Concentration

ENG 33403 The English Language3
Select one of the following:
ENG 24603 Children’s Literature
ENG 24703 Adolescent and Young Adult Literature
Select one of the following:
THR 10503 Introduction to Theatre
COM 21103 Oral Interpretation
Select one of the following:
ENG 25103 American Literature to the Civil War
ENG 25203 American Literature since the Civil War
Select one of the following:
ENG 24803 Comparative World Literature
ENG 45103 Major Authors
Select one of the following:
JRN 22103 News Writing for Media Publications
JRN 32102 Broadcast News Writing
ENG 38103 Professional Writing
Total MC:LA Concentration16-18

Middle Childhood: Mathematics Concentration

MTH 21404 (TM) Introductory Probability and Statistics4
MTH 25403 Discrete Mathematics3
MTH 26603 Number Theory3
MTH 27403 College Geometry3
Select one of the following sequences based on placement exam:
MTH 14505 (TM) Pre-calculus
MTH 15105 (TM) Calculus I or
MTH 15105 (TM) Calculus I  
MTH 15204 Calculus II
Total MC Math Concentration22-23

Middle Childhood: Social Studies Concentration

HIS 13203 (TM) World Civilization II3
POL 35103 Comparative Government3
SOC 24103 Minority Groups3
SOC 36103 Social Research3
Select one of the following:
ATH 12103 (TM) (TAG) Anthropology
SOC 11103 (TM) Introduction to Sociology
Select one of the following:
ECO 11403 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECO 12403 Introduction to Macroeconomics
Select one of the following:
HIS 22203 The American Experience in Global Perspective3
HIS 32103 American Cultural History I3
HIS 32203 American Cultural History II3
Select one of the following:
POL 11103 (TM) American National Government
POL 12103 American State Government
Total MC:SS Concentration24

Total Hours Required For Degree130-141

* Only students who have been accepted into the Teacher Education Program may enroll in 30000 & 40000 level EDU courses

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