Master of Education – Athletic Coaching Leadership Concentration

The University of Rio Grande Master of Education in ACL and IA programs aredesigned for teachers and others who are interested in using an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, learning, and student support. Our program is based on Howard Gardner's "Theory of Multiple Intelligences." Gardner believes that the human mind learns through at least eight different intelligences. We emphasize the arts throughout the curriculum as a catalyst for engaging multiple intelligences and encouraging learning and understanding. This program is given in a series of four-week summer sessions, and one half of our courses are made available over the Internet during the school year.

Online Learning

Our Internet courses are designed to be user-friendly and uncomplicated. Every course was team-developed, and each of our design teams is comprised of members that are highly experienced in their field. Making half of our courses available via the Internet during the school year allows teachers in our program to pilot the methodologies that we present in our courses in their own classroom as they accumulate the knowledge. Technical training and support are built into the program to maximize your learning experience using this exciting medium. An added benefit for the student is that the ability to take courses year round will allow one to complete the program sooner!

Description of the Program

The primary goal of the Athletic Coaching Leadership (ACL) concentration is to provide well-qualified coaches for all levels of sports programs. The ACL strives to address the diverse needs of the coaching profession and respond to the changing needs of prospective and practicing coaches. The ACL will not be sport specific. It will continue to develop appropriate sport and situation specific program content to ensure the enjoyment, safety and positive skills development of America’s coaches.

The interest in sport activities is at an all-time high in the United States and growing. Some factors that spark this interest involve the nature of the U.S. population. Children of the Baby Boomers are reaching high school and college age, which is also the highest level of participation in organized sports and recreation activities. Interest in women’s sports at every level is growing. This growth has created a need for competent people to fill coaching positions at all levels. The Athlete Coaching Leadership concentration is designed to help meet the challenges generated by this growth.

Today in education many challenges are faced. Coaching leadership faces many of the same challenges as education. This concentration is used as a means to develop self-reliant, self-disciplined, responsible, and capable coaches to lead young men and women. The ACL will continually improve coaches ability to instruct techniques, meet athlete needs, and advance sport performance. This coaching education program prepares both beginning coaches and experienced coaches, therefore we are not limited to teachers and coaches employed by school districts. We will prepare coaches who usually are responsible for short duration, recreational competition. On the other hand, the ACL will prepare experienced coaches who more likely work with elite athletes on a year-round basis and includes high level of competition, emphasizes advanced training, conditioning, techniques, and tactics.

Graduate Admissions

If thinking of applying to the University of Rio Grande, the process can be started immediately by contacting the Office of Admissions at 740-245-7206 or

All of the following Education Core classes are required and several need to be taken in a specific sequence: Core Curriculum

The student is presented with new ways to use technology and research while building dispositions that will develop new leadership skills. The core curriculum gives the student the foundation for more effective study in the concentration areas.

Core Curriculum

MIC 50202 Portfolio2
MIC 50902 Literacy in Technology2
MIC 50403 Learning Theory3
MIC 50603 Curriculum3
MIC 50303 Mentoring Models3
MIC 50802 Research and Evaluation Methods2
MIC 50501 Leaders and Change1
MIC 51101 Grant Writing1

Each of the following Athletic Coaching Leadership courses must be taken.
ACL 52002 Professional Leadership Principles in Sports.2
ACL 52102 Teaching and Administration of Sports2
ACL 52202 Training, Conditioning, and Nutrition2
ACL 52302 Injuries, Prevention, Care, and Management2
ACL 52402 Sport Ethics and Psychology2
ACL 52502 Coaching Skills and Strategies2
ACL 52602 Critical Issues of Risk Management in Sports2
ACL 52702 Growth and Development in Sports2

Course Numbers

Numbers 50000 and 60000 indicate Graduate Level courses. The last two numbers indicate the number of credit hours the course carries, ranging from 1 through 10. As an example, course number 50403 carries three semester hours.

Submitting Your Graduate Application

Master of Education

  • A completed application for admission: online application, download (pdf), or request a paper copy.
  • An official transcript of credit to be mailed directly to the Graduate Office (Office of Admissions) from an accredited undergraduate college or university of attendance showing completion of Bachelor's Degree (waived if you are a graduate of the Bunce School of Education at the University of Rio Grande).
  • A copy of a valid teaching certificate or license from a state with a reciprocity agreement with Ohio.
  • Three professional recommendations.

For questions or assistance, please contact:


Step by Step: Graduate Application


Submit Graduate Application

Submit all college transcript(s)

Submit three (3) letters of recommendation

Submit proof of Licensure (if applicable)

Contact Advisor to register for courses

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