Field Experience & Clinical Practice

Field Experience

All candidates registering for field experience courses, other than Clinical Practice, will note the following:

  1. The teacher candidate must show verification before entering any field experience of a negative T.B. test according to Ohio State Law. URG Health Services is available to administer T.B. Tests for enrolled candidates.
  2. Candidate must have a current and clear background check from BCI.
  3. The teacher candidate will comply with all responsibilities outlined in the School of Education Field Experience Handbook. The teacher candidate will also comply with field requirements as outlined in course syllabi.
  4. A teacher candidate may be removed from a field experience by the Coordinator of Field Experience. Procedures for removal are outlined in the Field Experience Handbook.
  5. The field experience is a section of the course grade. An incomplete in a field experience will result in an incomplete or “F” in the course grade.

Multi-culture Experiences

The teaching of multi-culture education is threaded through the Professional Education courses. In addition, a course is designed to focus on multi-culture: EDU 30303 Multicultural Relations.

Junior Field Experience

The final field experience for teacher candidates is EDU 39103 Junior Field Experience. Candidates must complete an application process prior to admission to Junior Field Experience. The application is submitted to the Junior Field Instructor and placement is handled by the Field Experience Coordinator. In addition to completing the application, the teacher candidate must adhere to the following standards:

  1. A GPA of 2.5 in General Studies courses
  2. A GPA of 3.0 in Professional Education courses, curriculum content, and in Methods courses (with no grade below a “C”).
  3. No final course grade of Incomplete or the letter grade of “F” on transcript.
  4. Submit two letters of recommendation from faculty members (forms are included in the application). One recommendation must be from an Education faculty member and one from a Licensure Area faculty member.
  5. The candidate must have verification of a negative TB test before entering Junior Field
  6. Candidate must have a current and clear background check from
  7. Completion of a majority of Methods Courses (form is included in the application).
  8. EDU 33302 Integrating Educational Technology to be taken concurrently with Junior Field Experience.


Clinical Practice

The capstone activity for the University of Rio Grande Teacher Education Program is twelve weeks of clinical practice. The teacher candidate must work with a master teacher in the classroom for the full day during this experience and must remain after school for the same amount of time that is required for the master teacher. The candidate will be assessed by the master teacher and the University of Rio Grande college supervisor using an assessment based on the Ohio Teaching Standards, Specialized Professional Association standards and URG School of Education standards.

Admission to Clinical Practice

Teacher candidates must complete an application process, which is accompanied by a résumé and a degree audit. The Clinical Practice Coordinator is responsible for accepting and placing candidates into clinical practice. If the area of licensure requires two placements for clinical practice, the candidate will be placed in a setting that was not completed during the supervised experience in EDU 39103 Junior Field Experience.

All candidates placed into Clinical Practice must adhere to the following performance standards:

2.5 GPA 2.75 GPA licensure area(s) Overall and in Professional Education courses
No “F” on transcript or a course grade of Incomplete.
Grade of “C” or better In all Curriculum Content, Methods courses and Professional Education courses
Passing score On required Pearson APK and content area exams
Current, clear tuberculosis test (TB) Test is available through URG Health Services
Current, clear BCI and FBI background check Available through URG Bookstore
Enroll in EDU 48902 This course is taken concurrently with clinical practice. No other courses may be taken without Clinical Practice Coordinator approval.

Clinical Practice Experience

During the clinical practice experience, the teacher candidate will be expected to adhere to the following performance standards:

  1. Orientation and seminars must be attended by the teacher candidate.
  2. The teacher candidate must follow policies outlined in the Clinical Practice Handbook.
  3. The teacher candidate must follow policies outlined in the School Handbook for the placement school. The teacher candidate is expected to follow the master teacher’s assigned schedule including after school duties.
  4. A grade of “B” or better is required for licensure.

Clinical Practice Seminars

During the twelve weeks of clinical practice, all teacher candidates, including those teaching out of district, are required to attend seminars on campus. The seminar grade is built into the clinical practice grade. Failure to attend seminars lowers the candidate’s final grade in clinical practice.

Action Research Project

Each candidate in Clinical Practice must undertake an EdTPA during the Student Teaching Experience. The results must be presented in PowerPoint format to a public forum at the end of the experience.  Candidates who do not meet the standards for the EdTPA will have their fnal Clinical Practice grade lowered one letter.

Teacher Licensure

The Licensure Agent at the University of Rio Grande recommends teacher candidates to the Ohio Board of Education for teacher licensure. The following standards must be met before application for teacher license is recommended:

  1. All of the performance standards listed under “Admission to Clinical Practice”.
  2. A letter grade of “B” or better in student teaching.
  3. A final audit which confirms successful completion of all course work required for the requested teacher license area(s).
  4. A clear criminal background check and clear FBI check.

No person may receive a teacher license who has been convicted of a felony. University of Rio Grande Campus Bookstore has electronic fingerprinting available to students. 

Institutional Report Card: Title II

In April of each year, the University of Rio Grande issues an Institutional Report on the Quality of Teacher Education beginning with the 2000-2001 academic year. This report contains both summary information and data concerning the Pearson test passing rates of Teacher Education program completers of the previous academic year. Both aggregate and individual test data are reported. The Institutional Report on the Quality of Teacher Education is a federal mandate under the Higher Education Act of 1998: Title II, Section 207, which requires public reporting on the success of institutions in preparing teachers and is available on the ODE website.

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