Bachelor of Science – Multi-Age

The Multi-Age Licensure area has specific General Education, Professional Education, and Curriculum Content areas requirements.

+ URG degree code for this licensure area:

40454 – Multi-Age Physical Education

Multi-Age Physical Education (40454)

The required General Education courses for Multi-Age Physical Education do not include choosing a one-credit HPE course and offers a choice between ENG 24103, HUM 20103 and PHR 21103. In addition, PSY 21103 is a part of the Curriculum Content instead of General Education. Therefore, the Common General Education Courses total 17 rather than 21 hours. This program is approved by the Ohio Department of Education for Initial Four-Year Resident Educator Licensure.

General Education

Common General Education Courses (PSY 21103 included as Curriculum Content)17
Select one from the following:
ART 10303 Art Appreciation
FPA 10503 Fine Arts
MUS 10403 Music Appreciation
Select one from the following:
ATH 12103 Anthropology
HIS 12203 American History II
POL 11103 American National Government
BIO 11404 (TM) Principles of Biology4
Select one from the following:
CHM 10404 Principles of Chemistry
CHM 15005 General Chemistry I
Select one from the following:
ENG 24103 The Literary Imagination
HUM 20103 The Humanities
PHR 21103 Philosophical Inquiry
HPE 13401 Weight Training1
MTH 21404 (TM) Introductory Probability and Statistics4
General Education Total39-40

Professional Education

Common Professional Courses23
EDU 34203 Content Area Reading for Intervention Specialists/Multi-Age *3
EDU 41803 Physical Education Teaching Methods: Ages 3 & Grade 9*3
EDU 41903 Physical Education Teaching Methods: Grade 7 – Age 21 *3
EDU 49610 Clinical Practice: Physical Education*10
Professional Education Total42

Curriculum Content

BIO 21404 Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
HPE 10000 Field Experience: College I0
HPE 10403 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Professions3
Select one from the following:
HPE 11101 Archery
HPE 12401 Badminton
HPE 13301 Racquetball
Select one from the following:
HPE 11201 Beginning Swimming
HPE 11301 Intermediate Swimming
HPE 11401 Lifeguard Training
HPE 11601 Golf1
HPE 11901 Folk and Social Dance1
Select one from the following:
HPE 15103 Team Sports I
HPE 16103 Team Sports II
HPE 20000 Field Experience: College II0
HPE 20103 Physical Education Class Activities, Ages 3 – Grade 93
Select one from the following:
HPE 22201 Officiating Softball/Baseball
HPE 22301 Officiating Basketball
HPE 22401 Officiating Volleyball
HPE 24302 Safety & First Aid2
HPE 25201 Treatment of Athletic Injuries1
Select one from the following:
HPE 25302 Coaching Football
HPE 25402 Coaching Basketball
HPE 25502 Coaching Track & Field
HPE 25602 Coaching Baseball & Softball
HPE 25702 Coaching Volleyball
HPE 26202 Drug Education2
HPE 20303 Administration of Physical Activity Programs3
HPE 32403 Evaluation of Human Physical Performance3
HPE 34403 Introduction to Biomechanics3
HPE 36203 Nutrition for Sports & Exercise3
HPE 40403 Exercise Physiology3
HPE 41403 Physical Education for Exceptional Children3
HPE 43403 Motor Learning3
PSY 21103 Human Growth and Development3
Total Curriculum Content49
Total Hours Required For Degree130-131

* Only students who have been accepted into the Teacher Education Program may enroll in 30000 & 40000 level EDU courses

Degree Requirements

Common General Education Requirements

The following General Education courses are required for Bachelor of Science degrees in Early Childhood/Intervention Specialist (age 3-grade 3), Early Childhood/Intervention Specialist (K-12), Middle Childhood, AYA Language Arts, AYA Social Studies, and Multi-Age Physical Education,

COM 11103 (TM) Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
ENG 11103 (TM) Composition I3
ENG 11203 (TM) Composition II3
HIS 13103 (TM) World Civilization I or
HIS 13203 (TM) World Civilization II
HPE 10101 Human Wellness and Physical Fitness1
HPE** Any one (1) credit activity course1
LA 10001 Gateway to Success1
PSY 11103 (TM) General Psychology3
PSY 21103 Human Growth and Development**3
Common General Education Total21

** Physical Education and Health have different options for this requirement *** All Multi-Age Music General Education requirements are listed in the program course listing

NOTE: Admission to English 11103 (Composition I) is determined by placement testing scores. Students without the necessary competencies must enroll in English 10503 (Composition & Reading) or English 11103 (Fundamental Review & Composition I) depending on their score. The credits in these courses may not be used to meet any part of the General Education Communication Skills requirement.


Professional Education Requirements

The following Professional Education courses are required for Bachelor of Science degrees in, Middle Childhood, AYA Language Arts, AYA Mathematics, AYA Social Studies, AYA Life Sciences, AYA Physical Sciences, Multi-Age Music, Multi-Age Physical Education, and Multi-Age Visual Arts:

EDU 10303 School and Community3
EDU 20401 Integrated Classroom Management & Learning Environment**1
EDU 20403 Planning for Instruction3
EDU 22403 Educating the Exceptional Learner3
EDU 30303 Multicultural Relations*3
EDU 33302 Integrating Educational Technology into the Curriculum*2
EDU 39103 Junior Field Experience*3
EDU 41403 Educational Psychology*3
EDU 48902 Portfolio*2
Professional Education Total23

* Only students who have been accepted into the Teacher Education Program may enroll in 30000 & 40000 level EDU courses.
** ECE/ISK-12/ECSE majors have a different requirement.

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