Tammy Russ

Tammy Russ

Tammy Russ

Program Major: Early Childhood Licensure Degree for Pre K-3

Have you found success with your degree: Yes. I have found success with my degree. I own and operate my own childcare business.

Who were your influences: My influences were my sister, my mother n law who are/were both teachers. My mother who also graduated college with a 2 yr associates degree when she was over 55.

Have you gone on to continue your education? I plan to return to college to obtain a 4 year teaching degree.

Memorable story at Rio: I loved my Art class. I had the opportunity to do a daughter and me painting class with my own daughter at the school my college professor taught art at. I enjoyed all of the assignments we were given in my college art class. I truly appreciated my art professor for teaching me new techniques and ways to create art. It was truly a great way to balance out all of my other assignments. Art is definitely therapeutic and lots of fun!

Do you have any words of wisdom to share for current and future students of the McArthur Center? Keep moving forward. Don’t give up on your dreams. The road you travel to get there may seem so long, but believe me it’s so with it! I graduated college at 48! Stay focused! You can do it!

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