Sara Prater

Sara Prater

Program Major: Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing (AAS): Registered Nurse- LPN- RN Hybrid

Have you found success with your degree: Yes I have. I work full time as a Public Health/Home Health Nurse with the Vinton County Health Department and part time with Buckeye Hospice and Palliative Care.

Memorable story at Rio: Our clinicals were always ones to remember. Attending college with one of my now best friend, we definitely made the best of it. One specific memory was when we were headed home from Adena in Chillicothe for clinical and it started flooding. Long story short, I asked Tonya and Seth if they thought we could make it their response “NO turn around”. WE MADE IT!!!! Their faces though.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share for current and future students of the McArthur Center? Never give up! Having the Rio Grande Center in McArthur and the Online LPN-RN program made it possible for me as a mother and full time employee to achieve my goals. McArthur Center staff is wonderful and very accommodating to the students.

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