Max Huston

Max Huston

Program Major: Visual Arts

Have you found success with your degree: Yes! I am currently using it every day as I follow my passion to create graphics and art for media platforms! I also work for an art museum while continuing my education.

Have you returned to school? Yes. I am currently working towards a double major in Game Design/ Animation & Communication Studies at Ohio University where I will be graduating next year. I am going on to finish my Master’s directly after in Media Studies.

Who were your influences: My mother was my strongest influence, both personally and professionally.

Words of wisdom for current or future students: You are there to learn, and sometimes you learn from failure more than you do from success, so don’t be afraid to fail rather be more afraid of not to try! Also, I was a college graduate before I was a high school graduate basically. I never would have thought would be possible but having the McArthur Center in my hometown, created that option for me. As a result, I was able to receive significant scholarships and save myself a great deal of money by completing my first two years of college, completely free. It was a challenge, but totally worth it in the end.

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