Information Technology – Programming and Software Development

Mission Statement

The mission of the Major in Programming and Software Development is to educate students in the areas of designing, developing, testing, documenting, implementing, and maintaining computer systems and software. Essential skill areas include: Computer System Architecture, Programming Analysis, Software Design, Application/Operating System Programming, GUI/Interface, WEB Design Utilization, and Computer Application Development.

Learning Outcomes

The successful student will be able to:

  • Analyze the efficiency of existing computer software and of computer software designs.
  • Demonstrate proficiency using computer-programming language.
  • Work with users and business managers to develop clear, concise and correct specifications for computer software, and to test completed software to see if it meets given specifications.
  • Design and implement efficient data structures for applications software.

Degree Requirements

Some of the possible job opportunities a student with this degree might consider would be Systems Analyst, Programmer Analyst, Operating Systems Specialist, Software Designer, Software Applications Specialist, Test Specialist, Software/Application Support, Database Software Technician, Entry (Junior Level) Programmer, or Senior Level Programmer.

Associate of Applied Science – Information Technology: Programming and Software Development (92206)

General Education must include:
COM 11103 (TM) Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
ECO 11403 Introduction to Microeconomics or
ECO 12403 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ENG 11103 (TM) Composition I*3
ENG 11203 (TM) Composition II3
ENG 21403 Business and Technical Writing3
LA 10001 Gateway to Success1
Select one of the following two courses
MTH 21404 (TM) Introductory Probability and Statistics*
MTH 14505 (TM) Pre-calculus**
General Education electives9-10
General Education Electives must come from the following three categories, and at least two of the three categories must be presented:
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences 
  • Natural Sciences
Total General Education hours30
Major Area required courses
CS 10103 PC Applications3
CS 20104 Computer Programming I4
CS 20204 Computer Programming II4
CS 21503 Introduction to Database Systems3
CS 22003 Data Structures3
CS 24303 Software Design and Development3
ELE 10303 Microcomputer Hardware.3
ELE 11303 Introduction to Networking3
Electives selected from the following courses9
ELE 14303, ELE 16303, ELE 21303, ELE 23303, ELE 24303, ELE 25303, IT 20403
Total Major Area hours35
Total hours required for degree65

* Placement determined by testing
** For students planning on continuing into a 4-year Computer Science Degree

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