Other Offices

Campus technology does not always fit within the larger main offices listed here, but with other internal and sometimes outside affiliates.
If you can't find it here, just let us know and we will try to assist you.


Phone System

Rio Grande provides telephone services throughout campus and operates its own PBX and voicemail system. Each employee has an assigned number - please reference these from the Directory. Essential campus personnel are each assigned cellular phones for "on-call" services. The campus switchboard attendants are the best persons for providing assistance. If repairs are needed, Pam and Katie know who to call.

 For mobile devices, both AT&T and Verizon are strong carriers in our area. AT&T has student & employee discounts!


The Alphus Christensen Stage facilitates and hosts many forms of entertainment and events on campus. The technical aspects of the entertainment industry (i.e. lighting, sound, stage production) are all items the Fine Arts can assist you with. Also, if you would like to reserve the stage or book a show, please contact us.

Dr.  Sarin Williams
Tel: (740) 245-7124


Time-Warner Cable

Time Warner provides digital television services to our Residence Halls and to several other buildings on campus. A BASIC cable package is provided for each room. Students are responsible for their own television and coax cable (also available from the Bookstore). If the service is out or the cabling in your room is damaged and needs repair, let us know.