Tessa Saxton

April 2011

      Tessa Saxon
   AYA Integrated
 Mathematics Major

How long have you been attending Rio?
4 years

Over the years how many different courses in the School of Sciences have you taken? (estimate if you can’t remember exactly)
 I have taken two science courses—one in Chemistry and another in Biology.

What one science or math course—not counting this semester—was the one that you have found the most ascinating/interesting so far at Rio…and why?
I found Chemistry most fascinating, because of how it deals with numbers and calculations to form a reaction. The professor also showed enthusiasm for his students and content, which really made an impact.

What is your favorite all-time movie (or two)?
I am still a child at heart and love Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

What is your favorite hobby/past-time activity?
I love to sing, act, play volleyball and church softball.

Describe the part of taking a course you like the most.  (for example:  sitting in on lecture, participating in a lab, the taking an exam, writing a term paper, etc.).   Why
I like learning new things and understanding difficult material. I have always enjoyed a challenge and I love to get things accomplished.

If you could go anywhere in the U.S. for your first job as a professional, where would it be?
I would like to make an impact in the Gallia County area. There are many places to choose from, but in my experience our current students are not given enough opportunities or encouragement to succeed and do great things. I want to impact young minds by helping them to strive for more than the environment around them and help others as well.

If you could give an incoming (i.e, freshman) science major one piece of advice of how to succeed (i.e., learn a bunch) during their undergraduate years at Rio, what would it be? 
I would tell them to not procrastinate and to spread out their material across the semester, so they are not bogged down with work and have ample time to learn the material. Also I would encourage them to make friends in their field and talk to others. They can help you in your classes as far as material and preparedness. Also your teachers can be very helpful to you in material and decisions.

What is your favorite quote?

“Our greatness weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.”      -Thomas Edison