TWS Rio Student Chapter

The University of Rio Grande Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society was officially chartered 22 January, 2010

The first chapter meeting was held on 22 January, 2010.  Entering our 3rd year of existence, many activities are being considering.  Past efforts have included clean-up along portions of the Hocking River, building and erecting of kestrel and flying squirrel boxes for ongoing research projects, and cleaning out woodduck boxes.  A social event to chapter members has been held each April.


Officers for 2012-2013

          President: Manuel Lay, Class of 2013
          Vice President: Matt Castells, Class of 2013
          Treasurer: Matt Wilson, Class of 2012
          Secretary: George Hulbert, Class of 2013
          Excutive Board Member: Jerry Rose, Class of 2013

Officers for 2011-2012

President:  Michael Whittemore, Class of 2012
Vice-President:  Amy Smith, Class of 2011
Treasurer:  Jessica Byrd, Class of 2011
Secretary: Matt Wilson, Class of 2012
Executive Board Member: Kendra McCloskey, Class of 2011

Officers for 2010-2011

President:  Adam Benshoff, Class of 2011
Vice-President:  Chris Witmer, Class of 2011
Treasurer:  Jessica Byrd, Class of 2011
Secretary:  Kendra McCloskey, Class of 2011
Executive Board Member: Amy Smith , Class of 2011

Officers for Spring 2010 (Chapter Established)

President:  Dan Eckstein, Class of 2010
Vice-President:  Sara Zaleski, Class of 2010
Treasurer:  Jackie Haynal, Class of 2010
Secretary:  Shali Karr, Class of 2010
Executive Board Member:  Adam Benshoff, Class of 2011

Faculty Advisor:  Don Althoff, CWB



Pole barn fund-raiser - Friday Crew



Pole barn fund-raiser - Saturday Crew


Charter members - January 2010: 

Collin Barkdull, Adam Benshoff, Jessica Byrd, Clay Cooper, Dan Eckstein, Jackie Haynal, Shali Karr,  Levi Lackey, Dillon McAtee, Kendra McCloskey, Reid Plumb, Kevin Reichling, Matt Schweller,  Caleb Shields, Amy Ruth Smith, Adam Wesalowski, Chris Witmer, and Sara Zaleski