Medical Courses

Required Courses

BIO 12104  Biology I (General Education)
BIO 12204  Biology II
CHM 15005  General Chemistry I (General Education)
CHM 15505  General Chemistry II
CHM 26202  Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHM 26303  Organic Chemistry Theory I
CHM 27202  Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHM 27303  Organic Chemistry Theory II
CHM/BIO 34403  Introduction to Biochemistry
ENG 11103  Composition I (General Education)
ENG 11203  Composition II (General Education)
MTH 14505  Pre-calculus (General Education)
PHY 17505 or PHY 20505  General Physics I with Algebra or Calculus
PHY 18505 or PHY 21505  General Physics II with Algebra or Calculus

Recommended Courses

BIO 21304  Microbiology
BIO 21404  Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 22494  Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 36404  Genetics
BIO 37404  Cell Biology
BIO 38402  Immunology
BIO 43404  Parasitology
BIO 49303  Pathophysiology for Healthcare Professionals
CHM/BIO 44403  Advanced Biochemistry
MTH 15105  Calculus I
MTH 21404  Introductory Probability and Statistics (General Education)
PSY 11103  General Psychology (General Education)
SOC 11103  Introduction to Sociology (General Education)